Font Request Thread

Made the font request thread! Post your font requests here.


Let me start off this thread by suggesting Gorton Perfected! It was designed as part of Marcin Wichary’s excellent “Shift Happens” book set. @phillryu, I just reached out to Marcin, I’m hoping that I can connect the two of you!


Thank you!

I’ll just share some context for this thread:
• Free or relatively affordable mobile app licensing is a must on our indie budget
• Definitely interested in wilder and more niche fonts, Clear will be very different from the usual ‘font list’ you might see in other apps I think this way.

It’s a little awkward right now distributing the fonts for free in the shop, but I think once we have secret rewards they will also help distribute more niche ones to people more on demand. (Vs. waiting for fonts to cycle back.)

Also considering expanding the built-in fonts at the start (currently just SF Pro, SF Pro Rounded and Helvetica Light) with a few choices that show the possibilities here for new people, so curious on recommendations for that as well.


I love the variety of fonts that you currently have. I was delighted to see, for example, the SimpleBits fonts in the beta. They’re so good! I wasn’t sure, though, how it would work once the app got publicly released. I wondered if you would still be able to use them and if they would remain free. One side-but-related question for you: Does regular Helvetica exist in Clear?

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Yeah we spent quite a lot on the initial font library licensing for the 2.0 release. Definitely in the thousands. Hoping it returns over time with people being thrilled they can personalize their font in Clear to all kinds of fun options they’ve never seen before in other apps.

We actually just renamed its display in Clear to Helvetica Light to help a little with the ‘font too big’ panicking 1.x people… and it was tuned more to match 1.x look with the thinner weighting.

I’m not quite sure what to do yet about thin/heavier weight options or something as most of the fonts we license will cost to add other weights, so it’s quite few that support them right now. (Mostly the ones built-into iOS like SF Pro etc. Helvetica is as well to be fair.)

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another one that might go well with the watermelon upcoming theme

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Already licensed!


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You know I had licensed some from Creative Fabrica but then backed off because I couldn’t make it 100% clear what their mobile app licensing was.

Any you see on this site? Their licensing is cleaner, couldn’t find Barbie Vintage but a lot of the more niche font designers seem to be on it:

Had a quick browse, found these:

Marmalede italic - art deco, but readable in italic version:

Clint Marker - handwritten look, readable at small sizes:

Lupor font - open, like sci-fi graphic novel font:

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I would love to see and use the Bungee font. Would fonts with the SIL Open Font License work out?

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Very nice choices.

And yeah free fonts on Google Fonts I believe are generally kosher, we included some from their collection. That is a fun chunky / all caps one.


No specific one, but in general I want more “regular fonts”, like Helvetica, San Fran and the like. Don’t have to be well-known, just less wild than most/all of the ones in the shop.


Would be awesome to have these 14 free programming fonts added to Clear:

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I recommended this one a few months ago on Twitter: Rosario

Omnibus Type also has several other amazing typographies, and they are all open source, so they should cost nothing to use.


Very pretty!

@iOS I feel like we would need some help figuring out what like, the top 3 most popular coding fonts might be good to start. (Probably Apple has a built-in SF one too?) But yeah some developer day sounds fun, or could rotate these on hacker day reruns.

I honestly have no idea. I am no longer coding/developing but using a nice programming font always was inspiring to look at while coding.

Still waiting for JetBrains Mono to show up in the shop, used that a lot while using Clear beta.

Seeing so many extrovert fonts in the shop would be nicely balanced with some more introvert fonts, hence my request for some regular monospace fonts.


I ask more than anything else that the fonts inserted support all the Latin characters because among those that I have managed to use so far not all of them support them.
(è, é, ë, ü, etc)

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We can try, but I do think in general the more niche fonts do not tend to support past basic characters. I guess there is a limited demand/market for them, the most popular fonts tend to be most fleshed out.

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2.1 will add a bunch of fonts to the free shop inventory. Apologies to the ‘can we have more normal fonts’ crowd, these were from a wackier mega font bundle I licensed a few nights ago :smiley: Some fun ones meant to pair with certain thematic shop days. Will hit up the more regular fonts in a following update.