Font Request Thread

I don’t have specific numbers on this, but look to the defaults on the big platforms:

  • JetBrains suite (IntelliJ, PyCharm etc) uses JetBrains Mono (which I personally like)
  • VS Code uses Monaco (Menlo, then Consolas if not installed)
  • The default Linux terminal font is Terminus Font

There are plenty of other code-platforms / dev-tools, but get those three and you should cover a wide variety of devs and computer nerds. And Courier New, of course.

If you’re doing it as a dev day thing, definitely look at popular themes as well. Solarized Dark is a favorite for many, almost regardless of what you code in. Plenty abound, and we love fighting over them.


No need to apologize for wacky fonts or a lack of more normal fonts, I personally do not use the wacky ones but I get that there are plenty of users who love them!

It is because of you and the team that we have the pleasure of using Clear after all.

I’ll be patiently waiting and checking the shop daily.

Keep up the much appreciated, hard work, guys!


Appreciate that!

It was kind of tongue in cheek, but yeah it’s something we’ll take seriously.

Diving more deeply into personalization with 2.x, we really want to fill in our personal blindspots so this kind of feedback and curation help from the community is very helpful.

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We just received our first font contribution from the community! Got a nice email from the designer of Typedifferent - BD Orange, will see if we can include this in 2.1.1.


Is Watermelon in 2.1?

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Yes, scheduled for tomorrow. Fruit Day, get hyped. :watermelon:


So hype!!

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I would love to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer font.

I love all the new features and the response to the fan base for users like me who’ve enjoyed the app since it first came out.


That’s a good one, I think pop culture reference/homage fonts will probably be very popular in general.

I am generally a little paranoid of free fonts and licensing but…

I’ll assume this comment on that site is legit? Seems clear if so.

CleanShot 2024-02-15 at 20.57.11@2x

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That is pretty funny, and actually much nicer than I expected too. Kind of tames some of the wackiness out of it.


Yeah it’s kinda great. I use it in my IDE.

2 Likes is my go-to website if you haven’t heard of it before. Every font listed on their website is free for commercial use (some limit it to certain variants)


Thank you! Will check it out today.


@phillryu Is it possible to add SF Pro Rounded Black?

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It would be straightforward to add it to the shop pool as a free font (separate variant) there. We were just going to experiment with the BD Orange font to offer two weights in the shop, maybe we can consider some weight variants to the most used fonts as a next experiment.


I would very much appreciate if you add sf pro rounded black :blush:

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Neutra Display (Neutra Display Font : Download For Free, View Sample Text, Rating And More On Fontsgeek.Com)would be quite lovely

I did some research and House Industries owns this one. Faghettaboutit**

Still an “Underling” theme (it’s a leftover from WinXP but was ported back in those ShapeShifter daze) would be very nice.

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I would be sweating just a tiny bit if there isn’t a specific license tagged with the font. The creators written permission is good, but it isn’t legally rigorous (it does for instance not say that will be the case forever). Not saying it would become an issue, but it could.

But if there’s a well-known and used license that he’s put it under (that permits commercial use), I’d have no quandaries about going for it.