Font Suggestions

I really like the team’s approach to fonts. They’re really fun and I’m finding my favorites for particular types of lists or when using particular themes. Like pairing Game Boy with Cartridge or any of the more minimal themes with iA Quattro. I thought a central thread for font suggestions could be useful as the team fine tunes the font list for launch. But don’t want to overstep here — just thought it would be fun.

I’d like to put a +1 in for MonoLisa perhaps in a medium weight, which someone mentioned a few weeks ago. It could be a nice option next to Jetbrains Mono. The creators did a great job making something that looks nice and is very fun, while dealing with the constraints of a monospace font. Not sure what their pricing is like.

And another I’d like to recommend is Whitney (Ssm) in medium or book weight. You’ll recognize this font from the Unread RSS app, it’s also an option in Day One.

Anyways, those seemed fitting for how new Clear is pursuing font options. It would be fun to hear other folks ideas and suggestions.


I don’t have any specific suggestions, but I’d say to just stick with more readable and less goofy. Wind Song, Bonbon, and especially Ballet make me feel like I’m looking at screenshots from my cousin’s ugly Droid, lol. They make the app feel cheaper imo.

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MonoLisa would be a great mono font addition indeed!

Thanks for starting this thread! There are already some fonts we included from recommendations from community (I had asked on twitter at some point) so definitely looking forward to what pops up here. Frankly we’re not like font people here at Impending, I know there are many in the community much more versed than us there.

The current list is definitely not final or anything for shipping. Possible we might trim some, so if there’s collectible fonts you despise or love feel free to share that here too.

And yeah I am extra interested in the kind of fonts that distinctively pop against our current collection. Blindspots or say other fun nostalgic or fan fonts like the Zelda / Star Wars ones we currently have etc. They may be a little less practical but man they are fun to collect and play around with, or to use for specific lists now with individual personalization.

I believe this is the current list of fonts in the app:

    case sfRounded
    case sf
    case yesevaOne

    new cormorantgaramond
    case courierNew
    case baskerville
    case helvetica
    case permanentMarker
    case futura
    case noteworthy
    case grapeNuts

    new iAWriterDuo
    new JetBrainsMono
    new captainedward
    new cartridge
    new easycoast
    new hylia
    new parkly
    new vault alarm
    new womprat
    case inter
    case amatic
    case zillaSlabHighlight
    case ballet
    case bonbon
    case monoton
    case sarina
    case windSong
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I have no idea how hard it would be, but I’d gladly pay extra for the ability to use any font on device. Adobe makes it really easy to get them on there now.

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What about adding the Dyslexie Font for added accessibility!


To complete the ‘Clear Boy’ loadout, how about including this?

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That’s really fun. Man I have to presume “100% free” is safe licensing for us to go off of? Trying to be careful here!

Well, it looks like it’s been up on dafont since 2014, and the notoriously litigious Nintendo haven’t had it pulled yet despite nearly a quarter of a million downloads since. “…based on the typeface that was used in early games for the Nintendo Game Boy…”

Fonts are free in Clear, so you’re not selling it. However it’s definitely worth checking the dafont T&C for distribution/reproduction…

I reckon if you had this in the shop, it would push more people to pick up the Clear Boy theme and icon.

As a fallback, if you had a license for Gill Sans bold italic, you could always use that as it evokes the actual logo:

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