Fonts support for non-latin alphabets

Hi everyone! :wave:t2: I’ve been using Clear for many years and I was very happy to see it making a completely new start, after all this time! I appreciate all the hard work you have done in the new version, I like the new possibilities and I’m willing to wait for some previous features like icloud sync to come back.

I would like to add this request: I’m from Greece and most of my lists are in my native language. The option of using different fonts within the app is very nice, but would it be possible to also add support for languages with non-latin alphabets, like Greek for example? :pray: Because otherwise, only latin letters appear formatted and anything else written in Greek appears just in the default lettertype. It’s a pity not being able to use most of these artistic fonts…

I know it’s not a priority, but I would be very happy to see that in a future update! :innocent:

Thank you so much and keep up the good work! :+1:t2::ok_hand:t2::smiling_face:


Hey thanks for joining us here.

So do the non-latin alphabets work in fonts options like Helvetica Light or SF Pro?

I’m not sure what we could do in terms of more niche font support, many of them are also quite expensive as is to license for the app and I think in most cases do not have non latin support like this.

I can look out for this on future font shopping/hunting though. And I could see this becoming much more aligned once we are localizing again.

Like maybe when we are localizing Clear for Greek we will be including some nice default font options that support the alphabet and some fun cosmetics to celebrate its launch etc. This will be a bit further on though as it will add meaningful ongoing upkeep and slow us down somewhat with updates.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply!

To answer your question, yes, Helvetica Light and San Francisco fonts both include formatting for Greek letters as well. So far, in the new version of Clear I have collected 42 fonts, and after trying them all, I found out that the following 10 of them work fine with Greek letters, too:

American Typewriter
Commit Mono
Helvetica Light
iAWriter Quattro
Inter by Rasmus
San Francisco
San Francisco Rounded

I was thinking that maybe your team was also designing/creating some of the fonts for the app, but I understand this may be a lot of extra work. So, since the app license for ready-made fonts on the web can be quite expensive as you mentioned, maybe you could test them before buying them in the future, to see if they can be used with non latin alphabets, too. (Or you could also search online specifically for fonts that include Greek or other letters. Maybe you could even find some free ones.) I know not all of them will be compatible in the end, but it would be really nice to include some more fun and unique fonts in the app, that will allow more people to enjoy them also in other languages. And I understand this will probably take some time, but that’s OK. :smiling_face:

The idea of adding fun cosmetics and different default fonts to match the launch of localization in different languages, sounds nice! If you ever need any help translating or correcting text into Greek for the app, you can let me know! :innocent:

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Thank you, greatly appreciate the testing. And that sounds about right, in that outside of a couple niche exceptions they tend to be the most popular and well supported fonts. (That doesn’t necessarily mean expensive too, a good number of these are popular/well supported because they are more freely distributed, but I guess tend to be more conservative and universally useful designs.) I will have this now on our radar with fonts for the future.

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