Do NOT delete your app if it crashes and other migration updates

It worked :smile: thank you!

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Fantastic! Thank you for reporting back.

  1. You guys put together an app that is…just such a joy to use. I use this thing every single day (for ten years!)" and it’s just a natural extension of my life (and I get the feeling I’m not the only one who feels this way). So, THANK YOU.

  2. I’m sorry you’re going through this, I know it’s not what you intended but I appreciate how well you’ve communicated through this whole thing. You’ll get it right.

  3. I’m not very tech savvy. I see you talk about TestFlight and logs and I have no idea what you’re speaking of. But if I can help you in any way, just ask, but I might need some “instructions for dummies” if you ask me to do something.

(Also, I do have to work tomorrow so I may not be available to respond to any requests promptly, but I’ll do what I can, when I can)


Appreciate it, this sucks of course but I know it sucks worse for anyone who’s lost years of lists… and it does make us feel good with every single person we can recover this situation for. Will stay in touch tomorrow and no worries, I won’t expect immediate replies.

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Ah, ha!! Per the suggestion of one user, I hit the difficult to notice semicircle at the bottom, saw “personal list”, hit it, and got my iPhone list back! That was the big one.

Found a very short list on an iPad the same way. It was seldom used, so can’t say if it was a proper restoration or not— but it restored some entries anyway. If I just knew how to synchronize this list on the iPad with the iPhone, I’d be in hog heaven.

Using the semicircle, I also finally brought up the menu with “Archive” on the iPad. Nothing in it.

Please folks: when you have your new update ready, please don’t erase everything again!

Okay! My list is up! thank you! The font is huge tho if there is some way of making it smaller LMK. thanks for your help.

I was able to change the font to smallest font but I liked the app better before honestly, where the main list page was not all one color and the font was smaller. But thank you for your help.

I left it alone last night and came back to the app this morning and my lists have reappeared!

Thank you!


Team-how’s the work going on a solution for missing data. I’m in a panic. Please advise.

Another follow up…everything is working as it should…as long as I don’t open that one list named Shopping List. I wonder if that particular list is corrupted because that’s the list that was active when the update installed? I don’t know…as I said, I don’t know how these things work. I’m bummed that my themes are gone but that disappointment is more than cancelled out by the joy that I feel that everything else is working.

At this point in time for those on beta that did not download AppStore version, should we stay on that build until this is sorted out ?

Hi, i am having the same issue where i updated the app and lost all my lists. They are not in archive either. It is only showing me a couple VERY old lists.

Please help!! I emailed you as well

I am experiencing the same issue with the app crashing on launch after the update. Please let us know when the repair is in place. I rely on Clear.

Just adding my name to the list of users who cannot find data from the legacy app. The app seems to have updated itself, and when I opened it this morning — my last use was maybe a week ago — all my data was gone. I have taken note of your warning not to uninstall the app and start over, and am adding my name here for your running tally of users needing help.

FYI, I was not a beta tester. I am using Clear only on my iPhone and it is being backed up to iCloud. I have never had to restore something from iCloud before so I will wait for further instructions before I try messing with that. Thank you.

Michael Scott
Vancouver BC

Something happened overnight now when I tapped on the Clear icon now, none of my lists are there. I did not update the app or push anything that would let me update the app. It just seemed to happen automatically. Is there anyway to get my list back?

Can you follow the steps here? Do NOT delete your app if it crashes and other migration updates - #60 by cherian

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks! My lists ARE in the archive, and I can confirm they have also appeared in the New Clear app. Although I got some on screen warnings urging me to delete the Test Flight version, I’m happy I did not do that. So no need for me to download the new TestFlight version I guess. Wishing everybody the best possible recovery of their data! Awesome job Phill!!!


Whew! Great to hear. Had just sent you an email I think but will take you off our tracking sheet.

Today’s update:

For everyone who posted here or emailed us we should’ve sent you an email + TestFlight invite for a diagnostics build that should help us get some better sense of each of your situation. (And also we think help us track down the crash on launch case and fix.)

If you did not receive this email (check junk filter) reach out to about your data loss and we will add you to group 2.

We are now starting to receive logs, fingers crossed we learn some more here.


Installed the Clear version for TestFlight. The same. 1 - Starts. Blue screen. Takes off.

The log export command does not work - command - starts - blue screen - takes off. (clearx://export-logs)

(Blue screen - my list used to be there. After trying to open it. It began to freeze exactly as in the picture. This was the case at the very first launch.)

P.S. I sent video files of the screen recording by email.

P.S.2 Can you make me Clear version 1 in TestFlight?

P.S.3 command - clearx://export-data - working.

I will delete version 2 with data saved and install the first version. I think this will work.