Do NOT delete your app if it crashes and other migration updates

same here. My hands were shaking when I clicked open.

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Phill responded to a similar request here: Is it safe now? - #3 by phillryu

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Your data is likely there.

We’ve added you to our list. Hang in there and DO NOT delete the app. We’ll get you a new build soon.

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Tracking you. We’ll get you a new build soon.

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Good good. Right steps. Added you to the list. Get back to you soon.

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I tried the command - clearx://export-data. It worked the fifth time. I saved the Zip file and sent it to your email automatically)))

Thank you. Received. Hopefully find a resolution soon.

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I tried to look at the Sqlite data, as I understand it, this is my data in the form of code? It’s confusing that there are exactly 500 lines. (Wrong. 1149 lines. Everything seems to be fine.)

P.S. I still hope to save my data) There is a lot of stuff there.

We are triaging. Hoping to get to yours soon.

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Important point. I have a List in Cyrillic (Russian). It is possible that when exporting data (SQlite file) it corrupts it. Maybe. In the Sql editor I see only lines. It can be seen that these lines are my text notes.

The editor writes a different number of lines in each ID. But the text itself is missing. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. Just in case. I sent you a database with all my data and passwords, it’s not scary, but I hope it won’t go beyond your office)

Update P.S. If I understand correctly, then with the extra data command you collect data about the operation of the program, but without the text of the List itself. The text is replaced with spaces. If there is a command that can save the application database with texts in an SQLlite file, then I would be very happy about it. I would be able to save all my data.

Alright. I installed TestFlight. I clicked the link in your invitation to download the 2.02 software. I opened the Clear app. Clicked on Shopping List (the one that’s been causing the app to crash). As expected, it crashed. This time, however, when I reopen Clear, instead of the light blue screen I get a light purple-to-blue gradient, the app crashes, and tapping in the invisible button does nothing. The app just crashes every time I open it and I don’t have access to anything anymore. Can I go and redownload the 2.0 version or am I stuck with this one?

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Sorry, just one more note: I was able to go redownload the 2.0 version. It was still in a crashed state when I opened the 2.0 version for the first time (this time with the purple-to-blue gradient which I now recognize as the default gradient on the opening screen) but I could do the trick where I tap the invisible button, wait for it to crash, reopen the app, and then I’m off and running again (as long as I don’t click on that corrupt shopping list).

Also, when the dust settles…I LOVE the feature where taking a screenshot gives you three options for sending the list to someone. ESPECIALLY the automatically cropped version. However, would it be possible to have the cropped version, well, crop the entries that have already been checked off (so the cropped screenshot only contains active entries)? Anyway, just a little feedback for when you have absolutely nothing of importance to work on. Thanks, everyone!

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Hi all, we were going through logs today. A new theory did come up… especially for those of you who did not beta test, is it possible you had some insanely long lists in the app, especially without ever clearing away checked off items?

Part of the thinking here is Penske’s situation with their shopping list, if you can confirm @PenskeMaterial it’s a crazy long list like that we could have something to work with…

I have a list or two like this myself but probably hundreds of items long. I wonder if some of you over 10+ years accumulated some lists with like… thousands, even tens of thousands, that the new Clear is choking on, and that we didn’t pick up on during the beta test.

Will continue looking through more logs and we’ll be chatting in the morning here about making a second diagnostics build that also tests this theory. (By capping the # of times it shows for example.)

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We were able to confirm your data is still there. It’s the loading part that’s crashing.

Give us time. There’s a lot of triaging going on, and we’ll get to restoring this.

Also, since the code you are debugging is so specific, let’s do this in email.


I can confirm that I had a crazy long list. Probably only a couple dozen active entries, but, yeah. I don’t recall ever clearing out the checked off items. There could be over a thousand things there. Maybe even two thousand!

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Ok yeah there’s some smoke around this, like the crash has to do with rendering lists. This should be very straightforward to test on our end…

Update: got a couple more late night theories here… turns out there was a ‘legacy data’ store we were not picking up on. At some point like 10 years ago, Clear imported existing data, and if this failed, would fall back to the legacy data format. We think many of you might be on this legacy data save format.

We should still have that stored in your copy of new Clear if you didn’t delete it. (And it should also be stored in past device backups you have when you had Clear installed.) Working on a TestFlight that will properly scan there too for import to test this one out too.


Just adding my name to the list of users please, experiencing the same issue of crash upon launch. Seeing a black screen only (and some strange audio clip?) before it crashes. Please advise - appreciate all the updates thus far.

Hang tight and don’t delete anything. We might be able to retrieve it all. We’ve added you to a tracking list. You should get a new build soon.

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I know others have had this question, but I don’t know how to navigate and read the replies, so apologies for the duplication. What can I do to recover my old lists that disappeared after the update? I tried restoring my iphone to an earlier backup (Jan 6), but it didn’t bring back my lists.

Can you describe what you did in the restore before January 6th process?

Don’t delete the app at any cost. We have a good chance of recovering most data.