Critical Internal Error?

I went to open my Clear this morning to start my day, as usual, and it told me I had a Critical Internal Error that could result in the loss of data. It advised me to force quit the app and contact support. I’ve had no luck finding any phone number or email to do so; this is the best I’ve found. Help?!?!?!


This is on the App Store version of the app? (Not the new beta?)

Is your data there and the app seemingly functions after that message? And does the message come up again if you force quit and relaunch the app?

Yes, the original App Store version. I’ve been nervous to reopen the app since I force-closed it, but I just reopened it and it seems to be functioning ok.

The message did not come up again when I reopened.

Ok it is worrying, because data corruption is probably the worst possible thing that can happen in an app like Clear… but, I will say in years of support emails I can’t remember a single customer losing their data from corruption. If you see this again, or it comes up in the ‘new Clear’ update that will be released in a week or two, please update me here!

I just checked something off and got the error again. I tried to take a screenshot to show you, but the normal screenshot buttons on iPhone aren’t taking a screenshot! Feeling a bit nervous. :frowning:

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OK I would use the email lists feature as some form of emergency backup. I don’t want you to panic but just to cover an actual disaster. You should be able to go to your lists level (where you see all your lists) and shake your phone for the option. Then you can email them to yourself.

After this, try the new Clear beta and let me know how the import goes. I will privately message you the beta invite link in a minute.

I’ve got the Beta downloaded. My lists imported automatically, and the app was working nicely for a few minutes. But now it’s crashing. I’ve tried hard-resetting my phone, but no cigar. I hope there’s a resolution to this!

Are you able to use this link and send me a log?


Unfortunately, that link takes me to the app, which is not opening fully before it crashes. I’ll try to attach two screenshots here.

The purple screen is where it freezes before it crashes, right after I open the app.

The next is the message I get after it crashes. In case the screenshots don’t attach properly, it reads, “‘Clear Todos’ crashed. Do you want to share additional information with the developer?” Then at the bottom there are buttons for “No Thanks” and “Share”.

In the absence of this link being functional, is there a way I can use this message box to be useful to you?

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[second screenshot here]

Yes, please send it over. That should send the same log. We will look into this on Tuesday when back to work.

Done. Thank you so much for your help!

Ok got it, I’ll assume it’s the emailed log we received on the 30th. We’ll be looking at this later today, thank you for sending!

Thank you! I look forward to hearing what you discover. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to that email address or DM if you need more info.

Good morning! Any luck finding the root of the problem? I’m limping along using other list apps, but the truth is that nothing I’ve found is half as useful or productive as Clear! I’m looking forward to getting my list life back.

Hey Carly, I think there was a wire crossed :frowning: We were looking at a log last week but it’s definitely not yours (more a longtime beta user). Do you mind trying to share the log again? And let me know where it sent you, I assume it’s either iMessage or email. You could also iMessage me there if we have some more debugging to do.

Hi Phill. I’m not able to intentionally send a log anywhere. When I open the app, it immediately freezes on the purple screen, then crashes. It comes up with the second screenshot, which offers for me to “share”. I don’t know if the app is sending information if I select “No Thanks”, or if it does, where it’s coming from or where it’s going. When I click “Share” and submit what I type, I have no idea where it goes or how. The whole thing is shrouded in discouraging mystery.

In further discouraging mystery, I haven’t even gotten the box from the second screenshot during the last several times it’s crashed. It just opens, goes purple, and crashes. Nothing else happens.

Is there any way for me to get you enough information to investigate? Or am I just toast at this point?

There should be a couple ways forward to recover your data, if you could email me (maybe with a link to the forums for reference) and so I have you in my inbox. Clear is designed to keep the data if it becomes unreadable vs. wiping it or something, so we can take a look at it if it’s passed along to debug or recover. Keep the app installed. We are going to have to triage issues as we go with the big release tomorrow but will try to debug this with you.

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Hi Phill! Congratulations on the launch! I tried the risky maneuver of downloading the new Clear, and it seems to be working well. I’ll keep you updated here if anything goes weird. Fingers crossed it was just a strange fluke. I hope everything is going well for the new app and your many, many fans! I’m LOVING it so far.

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