Might have told me that before

Now it says Do NOT delete my apps? I deleted all 3 (iPhone, iPad mini, iPad Pro) and updated my Desktop app with all the current info, back up, disabled iCloud, Wiped, reenabled iCloud. and the desk top has all my lists. Now since none of my newly reinstalled apps on my iDevices work, I guess I have to carry my desktop around with me… really the worst “roll out” ever. I’d be happy to pay a monthly fee just to get back to Clear 1 app across all devices. this is really not a pretty look for Clear


Same here. I would gladly pay to get Old Clear back. I’ve been using it for over a decade now so I think a couple hundreds of dollars would be worth it for Old Clear.

Me to Mickey, 10 years, with all the ups and downs over the years but stuck with them. The worst week of the year to crash as I’ve 6 days to move bc my condo sold, quick close. I’ve been putting lists together all the previous month for this week and now I have to carry my laptop everywhere I go bc it’s the only Clear App (for desktop) that actually syncs with the iCloud. none of my iDevices sync with the iCloud. I’m trying to figure out what app to buy since they have been saying all week that an update is coming and I don’t have time to f-around with this any longer. so disappointed and recommending it to dozens of friends over the years… thanks for letting me ramble


Super sorry to let you down man. This is the top priority right now for us, @cherian will track you and I’m updating people affected here: Downloaded new version, lost all my lists - #92 by phillryu

If you DO want to give the new Clear on iPhone a chance despite the lack of sync for now, I do think in your situation… if you happen to have a recent iCloud full device backup from before the release (January 8th), restoring it and then launching new Clear is likely to get you back your lists on iPhone. (Though if you try this, please turn off iCloud sync on your other devices or any old Clear versions, or quit/force quit them through the process.)

I think the abandonment of the application for many many years was a foreshadowing of how the developers thought of the app and its customers. I should have seen the red flags and moved away earlier. But Old Clear was just so good.

I have been testing Remember The Milk. I think I will be sticking with it. No affiliation. Just desperately looking for a replacement to the broken New Clear that has made the past few days a struggle and a headache.

I love Clear deeply, and we were working on the new version starting in 2017 I think, for way too long as a passion project off and on. And I’m the same guy who led the design on the original. All this time and longer, Clear 1.x was in the red, that’s what I mean by passion project. Not saying we approached this perfectly, but it just makes me sad that you think and are telling people we don’t care!


I appreciate you and your work on Clear. Thank you for providing an application that has driven many aspects of my productivity in both my personal life and work life for over a decade.

But forcing customers to use a version of the application that is missing what many view as a crucial feature is irresponsible.

And the Clear team brushing this off and simply saying that “it is in the roadmap” while my life grinds to a halt while figuring out a replacement solution to a tool that drove my day to day operations was insulting.

Actions speak louder than words. Put the Old Clear back in the App Store and allow us to use the tool we have been loyal users of. I know this would be a temporary band-aid solution while New Clear is fixed. But at least we can carry on after this highly disruptive week.

Thank You.

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thank you Phill, but your instructions are too advanced for me

  1. where is a recent (before 1/8) back up and how would I restore it?
    1.1 do I reconnect to iCloud from my desk top now?
  2. do I delete my device apps and reinstall to get this “restored lists” before 1/8?
  3. I’m really confused here: turn off iCloud sync on iDevices under iPhone setting> iCloud> syncing devices> then click off Clear? or do I need to do that if I’ve already deleted the app again?
    I’m really sorry I’m not fluent in all this verbiage. I’ve struggled with sync issues over the years and had to collect all my devices together to to a simotainous wipe and reinstall
    But I can’t even find “settings or iCloud sync” on the apps. used to be under a tab called Preferences. not on the apps anymore…
    And since Monday, we’ve been promised an Update to fix all this and yet… nothing has come out and you have to understand, when things dont’ get fixed as promised in the timeframe promised, I to look for alternatives. I love this app but I’ve already spent an hour this morning emailing myself every since (52) lists individually so I don’t loose all my saved task, to dos, meetings, reminders… it’s beyond frustrating. I hope you well and can put all this behind us but I haven’t even another hour to waste before I have to start from scratch with a new different (stable) program. even if have to pay for it, which I’m happy to do. but can’t keep running in circles with this experience. Fingers crossed
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ONE HUNDRED PERCENT AGREE with this statement

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Because you don’t. Cool you are passionate about your project, but I bought an app that synchronizes between devices, and you changed it to an app that doesn’t. I don’t care about your passion I didn’t pay for it.

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My guy, we paid $5 like 10 years ago. I think we got our money’s worth.


I paid what I was asked to be paid. And woke up with no working app. I don’t care how much it was, and how long time ago it was. I want to have what I bought.

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Honestly this. I maybe have 2 non-ad driven one-time purchase apps that still function from 10+ years ago.

The rollout could’ve absolutely been better for some folks, but there is a level of outrage that is a bit surprising tbh.


The outrage is because I woke up, and the old app was gone. If I had a chance to stay with the old version I wouldn’t be so mad.

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They have said repeatedly that 1.0 was a ticking timebomb of crumbling code anyway. It would have stopped working one day one way or another.


Maybe not loud enough? I’m a user of the app, not this forum. I signed up here today because I was redirected here from a “support” link on their website, and I did’t find any support, just other people complaining.

I bought the app, used it as it was meant to be, and woke up, and the app was broken. Sorry if I don’t go on every developer’s little forum to check if they are planning to destroy what they already sold.

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Listen, I’m not trying to online argue, so I’m gonna jump out here. But some of you are acting like Pawnee townsfolk and it is embarrassing is all I’m saying.


Maybe you don’t know what I lost thanks to this maneuver.
It’s super simple: I bought a working app, and now have a not working app.

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Is it Possible??? That maybe we can pay to get the old Clear app back??? Honestly, I loved it. And I’d also pay on top of that to upgrade to the new Clear when it’s perfected. But you have to understand the frustration of how many people (clearly) rely on this old Clear app daily and for me I use it probably 25-30 times a day…

I’ve tried to back up on my desktop app from an old back up from Oct. it only merged the old info with my new info on the desktop only. Had no effect on the iDevice apps…

I’ve emailed myself each and every list I have (thank God it’s in print, just can interface with it) and of course the link at the bottom says to click it and add it to the “app” but it’s also a dead link

Isn’t there any way I can pay to get my old app back? I don’t want to use another “app”. I loved my Clear.

Pulling my hair out…
Tim Harris

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Exactly what @pln said. I paid what I was asked to pay. And I am willing to pay more to get the functional application back.