Clear 2.1 & 2.1.1 (Widgets, Per List Personalization, Daily Quote, Mini & Nano Font Sizes)

My lists are all different themes again… the world is a slightly better place.

A few things I noted:

  • The Tiny padding looks and feels great.

  • The full theme previews are super helpful.

  • I don’t have Clear widgets available, but maybe it’s cuz I’m on an older phone/iOS version.

  • Glacial still wasn’t working.

  • The rating link in the Shop has a space and hashtag at the end. Might add more of a gap between that and Restore Purchases too.

  • The gradient shading on Cabernet is quite drastic. Would consider buying if softened.

  • Maybe now that Rewards are sorted, put some little text up in the corner showing how many each group has left to unlock?

  • Nitpick, but changing “to personalize” to “to personalize…” would be more leading.

  • The row height in PLP is extremely tiny, not sure if intentional.

  • Some kind of success message after choosing an individual theme might be helpful to those who tend to get confused, as right now it feels unclear if you’re saving when backing out with the sound off.

Lots of big updates lately that were at the top of my wish list, and I thank you.


Chocolate Donut theme is so good!


Inside “gift clear” the “done” items are not with the right color.

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Glacial turned out the IAP is in review, had to be renamed. So that I misspoke earlier when I said was fixed. Will be back, and from Inferno’s sales will be popular. Good contributions there.

Rating link it should be a heart emoji, that’s an unexpected bug. (I see emoji as expected here myself.)

Double checking on the widgets requirement. Ok so they are set to iOS 17 and higher right now, which we could potentially lower for the base functionality of them. (Though the interactive checking off coming in 2.1.1 will require iOS 17.)

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Thank you, noting for 2.1.1.

Everything in this update is really cool.
I love those mini theme previews.


When adding widgets, I see no names for each widget. It only happens with Clear.

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I’ve been playing around with 2.1 for about 20 minutes, everything looks great. I think the new theme preview design and the per-list-personalization ability are particularly solid additions. I also love that this has all happened about a month after 2.0, really appreciate that you have taken the time to listen to the community. Thank you to you and the Clear team! :smiley:


Are they showing up white/blank? I have a feeling rebooting your phone would fix it but… definitely curious if others are running into the same.

I’m confused with how “Per List Customization” works. How do I customize individual lists?

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I would start in Themes, and tap into Per List Personalization at the bottom of the list there. Then tap the list you want to personalize and you can select a theme for it. (That will override your global theme and such for it.)

Great to hear! I’m sure each update will be a little hit or miss depending on the kind of Clear lister you are, but added up through the year it should really be a huge leap forward for you all. We have so many ideas to keep improving it :slight_smile: And some plans and ideas to keep feature creep in check too.


Only the widget without any name above.

Rebooting didn’t fix thiis.

Can you post a screenshot of this state?

Thank you for the clarification, I have so many themes so I didn’t see it at first. I think I’m going to enjoy this feature a lot!

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The “Tutorial” and ”Advanced” icons are amazing. Now I want the “Gift Clear” one to have some depth too.

Loving the update so far.

Also, did certain beta theme make a return or not yet? :upside_down_face:

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Ohhh, you mean the widget type names and description at the top of the screen that’s missing here? I guess I didn’t notice this if so!! But um yeah that’s probably quite helpful for onboarding these, it wasn’t an intentionally minimalist take. Will note for 2.1.1.

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Yes :blush:

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This one? Not yet, but slated for 2.1.1.