Clear 2.2 (List Library + some things, out now)

Clear 2.2 is now live on the App Store!

Links and graphic themes were more officially planned for this release, they are being listed in update notes in non preview state. List Library I’m hoping you all find useful especially as it rounds out over time, and hopefully helpful to people just getting started listing who can use some ideas.

List Library:
• Find it in Clear’s home level
• Browse a growing collection of useful list templates
• Swipe right to add to your lists

Links Support:
• Natural Language Parsing support for web links, phone #, email, address
• After finishing editing, tap to open in Safari, Messages, Mail etc.
• You can also tap and hold a link to directly edit it

New Graphic Themes!
• Beautiful new variety of themes that showcase original art by David
• Demo some today in the shop

On-demand assets:
• Graphic themes will now load their assets and cache ones you own, vs. included in every app update download
Note: On first launch if you had a graphic theme set, it will take up to a minute to load (one-time thing)

Some smaller things:
• “Louder” volume setting adjusted louder
• Fixed missing pull to clear sounds for iMarimba
• Fixed Jelly Belly free font for shop
• Fixed some quote pack typos

There are some new graphic themes for the shop in this update of course. Here’s a preview of 3 of them:


Are we able to make custom lists for the library?


Not in this initial release! I think that could be more like ‘List Library 2.0’.

(Also update: we did not submit tonight, will submit tomorrow AM!)


Looking forward to it! I have an incredibly specific shopping this that I currently just keep in a note and copy over to Clear when I go shopping.


How much space did offloading the graphic themes save for the app size? I’m glad to see that change as I prefer the heatmap themes


Also, you mentioned rudimentary shortcut support, eventually. Is that going to make it in 2.2.x? I loving shortcuts, so I’m looking forward to that one a lot.


Best I can tell (different per device etc.) might shave off like 50 megabytes and limit binary size growth from new graphic themes to only the app icons now.

We can then move probably most notably sound themes to this format too, though that’s probably only another ~20-30mb savings.

The app icons thing really makes this an issue we can’t cleanly solve though! Something I honestly hadn’t fully internalized until post launch.

At the end of the day I do think for people it’s a serious issue (bandwidth caps and such), they probably generally keep auto installs off, and can manually update Clear more when they need or want the latest features. So I don’t consider it like an existential issue. But it is quite annoying. (The cleanest fix is Apple changing how app icons are handled, but I think that’s unlikely to be a priority for them…)

We dabbled a little bit with literally two shortcuts – open your top list, and open into a new item in your top list, with action button users in mind. I think that could release in 2.2.x but it would be a toe in the water like that.

(Also general update: submitted 2.2 tonight!)


The List Library is great!


I also liked the list library, to be honest, I was skeptical about it, but when I slipped through it all, I found some things useful for myself.

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Good to hear, pretty curious to see how useful people will find it, and as the collection rounds out and expands over the next few months too.

And yeah, update is out today! I added a link in the shop to App Store page.

Yeah it is definitely kind of a ‘0.9’ rollout, we’re still early exploring the kind of lists that will be useful (or fun) for it. Soon we will layer on some categories like the shop has as the library grows etc. because I do think the longer tail of more niche but specific lists will be fun to browse and useful added up.

It’s also set up so we can very easily publish new lists without app updates, so we will be adding lists fairly regularly.


Of course, it’s cool. And a very interesting approach to update the list, without updating, I will look at it from time to time.

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will we be able to “hide” the List Library? like me personally i only need My Lists, Archive, and Personalize, and maybe Shop and Rewards. just curious, not a big deal :slight_smile:

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Eventually yes, when we get around eventually to the ambitious ‘archive anything/everything’ update, but for now I will be trying my hardest to keep at this current ceiling of home level rows.

For instance maybe eventually we will fold List Library under a “Resources” section that includes a support section and some stuff if we want to add more. But I do care about keeping the home level clean.


Adding another vote here for adding a visual indicator for links and action-taking text. Underline hyperlink style or some sort of icon would really help the UI for these.


When will you release this lovely :rainbow: theme? :heart_eyes:


Scheduled for tomorrow! Hawaii day.


Is there any possibility of getting parallax graphic themes? I’m not a big fan of the static image background, but if the background moved at some fraction of the speed of the list, that could be nice. I realize it would be difficult to make it work properly with different length lists, but I can think of a few theoretical solutions


Some possibility for sure.

It’s a little hard to predict which ideas slot in easily or turn into a bit of a can of worms. We’re first looking into basic tiling support (so some graphic themes can have their bg image scroll with the content). Spent about a day and a half on it, and it is at least a minor can of worms! Need to revisit when we have another day or two to finish it up, because honestly right now there are more important things to spend that time on first. But after that is in and solid, perhaps parallax could be a next step after that.