Support for Shortcuts on iOS broken in Clear 2

I have a Shortcut setup to add an item to a list in Clear 1. The Shortcut is broken after the update. Can Shortcut support be fixed soon? This is a disruption to my workflow.


Need this, too! It says that the app isn’t instaled.


Another request for Shortcuts support!


Adding my +1 for iOS Shortcuts fix please.

I just pasted all my lists into Clear 2 - loving the new release. Thanks!

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Big +1! Fixing shortcuts support is the one last thing that would make this app perfect for me. Also getting the error “Shortcuts could not open Clear because it is not installed.”


I’m a bit worried this one is going to be a non trivial project to restore (I think we have to recreate the functions they used to hook into) but I am also quite interested in this as a way to accommodate some more power use without complicating the core of the app. This feels like a strong candidate for like a 2.x update.


Another +1 for fixing Shortcuts support; I’d also love to have more available actions!

Understand that this is probably a non-trivial fix, though…

Hoping this could happen in 2.x!! :crossed_fingers:
Shortcuts adds the ability for more complex workflows (as stated) and also for creating re-usable lists - I have a lot of packing lists that I’d like to see as templates and have populated all at once - shortcuts would also enable that.

Yeah we do have it as a possible .x update in the roadmap. For the 1.x users who used these with Clear, what were the most useful and basic actions we should be supporting when we get to it again?

My shortcut was very simple: it grabbed whatever was in my clipboard and created a new list item on a specific named list in Clear. This let me copy text out of other apps and tap a shortcut icon on my home screen to add an item to a list I reuse in Clear. So for me, being able to create new list items in a named list is my number one priority.


I’d love to have the screenshot to share functionality as a shortcut, specifically the copy to text option. That would let me build a shortcut that grabs the content of a lis and copies it to clipboard (at which point I can do whatever with it, for instance text it to my SO).

+1 for shortcut. Mine are super simple buttons I add to the Lock Screen that add the current time to a list with pre-canned text (I track when I take medications)

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Thank you all, appreciate the usecases and calling out the most useful shortcut actions. Will be very helpful when we get to this, and it is opening my eyes to how specific you can set them up and how useful that can be.