App Icon Ideas / Requests

Haha I feel like we would have to license the right stock photo of a model to pair with this. Would be pretty awesome to go full out like that.

that would be great

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Fellowship I saw it in theatres back in the day with friends from high school. Then went with family as I said to them that this is a big event in cinematic history! Was not wrong! Best trilogy out there!

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Yeah, without a visible check mark it’s probably not as easy to understand😅 maybe a bishop move that’s highlighted, where the move actually makes the check (in both ways)?

Something like this (pretending that the final position of the bishop would put the king in check)

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More 3D fruit!

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Pineapple
  • Avocado
  • Tomato
  • Peach
  • etc.
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Something related to Dragon Ball?


Didn’t grow up watching it myself (though intrigued it has some overlap with monkey king myth! that was a favorite of mine as a kid). If there’s some iconic colors/imagery that could make for a fun theme or icon maybe you can post some image references here.

Big Dragon Ball fan here since childhood !! Am really sad to hear of the passing of it’s creator yesterday; Akira Toriyama was a big inspiation to many artists including myself!

A cool icon idea would be a Dragon ball (ball itself) with the checkmark in middle instead of star… maybe a Shenron dragon icon too… lots of cool color themes can be made too (Vegeta, Picollo, Goku etc)

Also a cool idea could be the dragon ball z logo but instead have it say CLEAR LIST 2… using similar style color and fonts.


Ahh ok yeah I had been seeing some tweets here or there about DBZ, RIP.

I’m in that place reading Berserk where it’s getting a little sad getting close to the ‘end’.

Do they store these balls in like bags or cases or something? Thinking about how it might fit into the more squircle icon shapes.


Goku first showed his dragon ball in a shrine on a purple pillow so maybe the squircle icon could be a velvety pillow and have the ball resting on it…

Goku also has an iconic orange and blue uniform when he gets older with a symbol on it which can be a good icon candidate (showing the cloth as squircle with edges having the blue cloth shoulders and having the Checkmark be integrated in the Japanese style symbol)… Example photo:


Last idea would be the dragon ball resting on top of Gohan’ hat (Goku’s son)

Hope these can be of help.


Definitely I can see the first two suggestions working with the icon shape canvas. Thank you!


Just following up on this, I would LOVE this tennis one! It would also be great to have variants based on the other two professional surfaces (grass court and hard court). I’d use all three icons throughout the year, depending on what season/major was happening at the time. A big tournament, Indian Wells, is happening right now and I’m in tennis-mode, full force, so I wanted to throw my vote in again. :tennis: What do you say, @phillryu? :smirk: :smiley:

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Could make for a fun theme too with the new photo/wallpaper themes in 2.1.3!

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Even the idea of it just made my day, so thanks for that! :blush:

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I would love my icon to make it into the app :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh yeah let’s do it, send me an email at

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Yesss. Been waiting for this one since you posted on Twitter. Have asked about it multiple times, haha. (I know the team’s busy, it’s just good work is all.)


I’m waiting for the sleeping cat and pushpin board (the checkmark made out of string) to pop up in the shop to snag them!! I remember the pushpin icon from the beta, but I’ve only ever seen the sleeping cat here on the forum.


It’s this one, I’ve been wanting it for months :sob:
I believe it’s been locked out for a future reward.


That’s probably the case.