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Hello Clear team,

Long time user since the old version and love using the app. However I had a small request;

I absolutely love the original pieces of art that are the lovely icons that come with each update and I really look forward to them. I personally do not care at all about the quote packs (I never look at those) or sound packs (use it on mute). Themes are nice I guess but lately I just use it on Minimal white with San Francisco font (I feel like most variety fonts look great but are practically unusable).

Anyway my request is, for people like me who don’t care at all about the above things, please could you introduce a preference so that I can set preferences for what is awarded in list task creation/list completion rewards & future shop drops? When there’s a future store I’d gladly buy all the icons I can, and honestly couldn’t care less about anything else so it’s really annoying to keep getting rewarded multiples of quotes, sounds, fonts that I don’t want. Just give me the damn icons please.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Haha I kind of love how this echoes ‘we need a loot filter’ feedback for the latest Diablo game.

The shop is definitely about that, like cafeteria style just pick out the ones that you really like.

I will have to think on loot notifications. I could see something like switches in the future in each collectibles list to pick and choose what pops up, but we are really going out of our way to try to keep the app’s silhouette super simple. So to start we might look at some other angles.

For the initial release we will be doing a pass on the current rewards + random loot pools. I guess to start there should be some distilling there, and some cutting of less interesting or useful fonts and such now that we are approaching a more final set of cosmetics to spread across the app. Also just less emphasis or even discarding the random drops pool, their randomness feels less satisfying and noisier, and more redundant now with rewards/shop.

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Thanks Phill,

That’s fair, all good ideas and agreeing keeping the loot simple. It used to be easier to get my icons in the past drops before the fonts and quotes and sound packs came along, so I mostly posted this out of frustration as I’m annoyed I still can’t get my hands on the nice Map icon that came out over a month ago.

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This map icon?

It’s gated as a reward, but should unlock relatively quickly especially as we add some more ‘tutorial’ rewards.

Tangential but will also note I am trying to design rewards to unlock over time with regular use of the app and generally stray away from wackier ones.

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I’ve unlocked the Adventurer icon already:)

I meant this one:

Ah got it, yeah sorry that one is actually not active in the app yet! It’s set aside for a reward to unlock X secret rewards, which is now roadmapped for more like 2.0.X. (It’s that time with shipping where we start taking some our favorites out back… or at least pushing them into early updates.)

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