Secret yellow icon!


In this post I would like to tell you how to get the secret icon (On the screenshot you can see it. The worm on the yellow background). It is enough to do a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the AppStore and write “Not boring” in the search (as in the screenshot)
  2. Scroll a little lower and you will see a set of 5 apps. You need to download them all and go into them for literally 20 seconds.
  3. Go to Clear and the app will give you a secret icon!



Is it all five, or just Vibes?

When there was beta testing, I downloaded all the apps and it worked. I didn’t try downloading only Vibes

Downloading just “Vibes” is enough… Very cool, thanks! :sunglasses:
I’m new to “Club Clear”, is there a list somewhere of Icons, Themes, Fonts, etc. that can be unlocked (besides the “Rewards” and “Gift Clear” ones)? :smiley:


I confirm this is correct. Omg we should make a new thread for unlocking Rewards :heart_eyes:


Downloaded vibes only and doesn’t work

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Open the app for like half a minute, then open “Clear”. Worked like a charm for me. :smile:

Cool. We need more secrets :slight_smile:


I’d love to make a complete picture of all the unlockable awards, but I don’t have the original icons on a transparent background for example. Plus the store is updated every 24 hours and it would make my work extremely long. Even in beta testing I couldn’t manage to put together a full set of quotes because there were VERY many of them

fun! worked for me just downloading vibes, which also seems like it might be a cool app for me in general, so that works out well for these folks


Which Vibes app? Could you screenshot the icon and post here?

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Thanks :pray:t3:, I appreciate it!

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I had to restart Clear after downloading the other app, but it worked after that