App Icon Ideas / Requests

@phillryu I just wanted to clarify, I understand that the old version of the icon will no longer return to the application? As it is presented in the updated version.

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If it doesn’t exist yet, I’d like to suggest a golf-themed app icon. A classic Clear checkmark shaped sand trap next to a green with a flagpole/hole in a bird’s-eye view is what comes to mind. Perhaps make it available during one of the biggest golfing events of the year in the US - The Masters tournament, which is April 11-14 this year. It’s also early spring - a time when half of the US is finally able to golf outdoors again after the snow has melted. I’ve attached a stock photo of an overhead view of a sand trap to illustrate the basic idea.


Yes I would consider for now this one replaced!

@aftershocked those two I can’t promise in the shop soon… cat I wanted to try a couple other takes and the conspiracy theory wall one I do want to reserve for the rollout of some secret rewards!

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That would be very nice, kind of along the lines of our tropical island drone shot icon. I’ll have to mark the Masters tournament in our calendar thread too!

As a PB Fan would love to have something like this one I quickly made :slight_smile:

Can share with you guys if you want to.


That’s super fun! Makes me think some other cans or jar type icons could work too, like maybe a riff on the Campbell soup cans etc. Let me pass your (highly detailed for quickly made!) sketch along to David here. PB&J variant of toast icon would be fun too!


Nice!! :smiley: I really love it and this is inspired by the Whole Foods one (one of my fav).

Here is the Figma file for it, if you want. You are absolutely free to use.

Can I get updates if you end up using it or about a potential launch date if it will?

Cheers and thank you for the amazing app!

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Thank you! I’ll post here and tag you when it inspires a take or pass from David. (Though I will say it’s probably going to be a couple weeks before we’re back on some icons again, we’re pretty early in exploring graphic themes possibilities and in that flow!)

Sure :slight_smile:

Would be a dream to have inspired/be part of this awesome app that makes my life easier (and so fun!)

Keep up the good work



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Edit, I’ll rework that. But an international orange bg with a clear tick maybe (or fabric texture from the shuttle suit) something along those lines could be fun


It’s ToDo app so trade icons would be fun, like Welding, Carpentry, Plumbing, Bricklaying, Shoemaking, Jeweller, … etc


Yeah I was thinking about those orange spacesuits the other day! That could be a fun line for space shop or graphics themes now.

@Aki that’s a good idea too.

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I’ll be honest, I would use this alone as an icon. As you can tell from my avatar picture, I love the color orange. :orange_heart:


@Jeff Haha you and me both! I’d LOVE a plain International Orange icon, which is why I made a mockup of that, but later realised it may be too plain for Clear’s audience.

Perhaps it could be a part of a ‘significant colours’ line up.


It is a little out there! But if there’s any app that can make an excuse to include totally blank color icons… I guess it’s us lol. It does have a conceptually minimalist appeal.

We probably do have other bigger pop culture niches and such to hit up before we go there though.

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Any news regarding the jar themed icons? :slight_smile: