What now? I deleted my app in hope of regaining all "old Clear" lists lost at update

How can I get all my lists back? What to do now? I deleted my legacy Clear app in hope of regaining all “old Clear” lists lost at the update.

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I believe that clear data are all backed up to iCloud but I don’t know how someone can restore them. I think it’s not yet possible

Do you have iCloud device backups turned on? If so, those backups do include your past local lists data. (We are also working on to diagnose/fix the issue migrating it.)

I have a question, kinda of topic, I have iCloud turned on and Clear is backed up to iCloud, so if I delete the app I will lose everything (I mean Rewards and lists). so this way how can I restore from backup ? Is it possible to restore backup or not yet

Long time user here who has erroneously deleted his current version of Clear and reinstalled 2.1.4 from the App Store in hopes that all the lists, archives, rewards, fonts, etc., would somehow come back, but they didn’t. If there was a way that backups were being made, I don’t know whether that was activated. I’d sure like to retrieve all my stuff (including things that were once restored for early adopters) if possible. If not, it’s just one more lesson to be more careful in the future. I do have an iPhone backup made sometime before the deletion in case there’s data there that might give me back what I had. But I’d need some hand holding to work through it.

Thanks for the help — and a great app!

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The full device iPhone backup would restore Clear’s local data to that point, is it a recent enough backup where you could do this and continue?

I’m really sorry, I think today it is actually valid to expect an app like Clear to have at least some kind of backup like that outside of its local data / full device backups. We will really try to get this simple iCloud auto backups/restore system as redundancy into Clear 2.x I hope within the next few months.

Thanks, Phill! Unfortunately the backup is a couple of months old, so I wouldn’t want to restore the whole phone. Was hoping that there might be something that could be extracted from it that would bring back my missing data, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I did have a couple of favorite fonts but will just start over with the basic offering. Looking forward to the new redundancy feature when it comes!

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If you have some precious lists in that backup, it could be an option to restore to it, export those lists, then restore back to latest backup and import. This would be a huge pain! But could be worth a shot it if you have like years of lists in there… If you want to try this you can use this support link:


To save the backup file to say Files app, then open that back into new Clear after second restore. It would carry over just your lists and themes though I believe.

I did this once before to restore an app which had been removed from the App Store completely. My backup file wasn’t nearly as old and everything came back except messages and apps purchased in the interim. So I just left the backup in place without the restoration to the most current version. I may do that this time and at least get back some of my Clear info.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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For sure, and yeah we can do better here. I think after 2.2 the iCloud backup/restore feature will be a priority.

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I did go ahead and restore the phone from my backup from 1/30/2024 and went through the slow process of fixing settings and updates as necessary. My Clear did come back with most critical lists intact, and that’s good. Hopefully you can implement the iCloud backup/restore feature soon since doing a full restore of the phone is a tedious procedure to retrieve data.

Thanks for the help!

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For sure, we will try to prioritize this. Glad to hear you were ultimately able to recover your lists.