HELP - I've lost all the data!

I have been using Clear regularly for almost ten years. I unintentionally removed the app. It was duplicated on my phone, and I intended to remove just one. Everything got deleted, and it doesn’t recognize me when I log in. Even trying to access it through my email didn’t work. I lost all my materials from the last decade. I’ve signed up again as a new user to seek assistance here!
Please help me recover all my extremely valuable information. :pray::pray:

Unfortunately, this is a tough place to be in if you deleted the app.

The only way is to restore the iPhone to a previous state, recover Clear data, and then restore the iPhone to its current state with a new restore. It’s complex and for the technically savvy.

If this is something you want to pursue, I can help.

Hi Cherian,
It contains valuable lists for me, like my children’s first words as they’ve grown, among other personal records. I’m eager to do whatever it takes to retrieve them, as I believe I’m up to the technological challenges.

You should verify if you have full device backups on: View and manage iCloud device backups - Apple Support

If you do, you can wipe your phone, and on reboot it will ask you to choose between a recent backup to restore your entire device to. (Like if you got a new phone / transferred your old phone into it.) This will include Clear’s local data.

(I promise we will have our own redundant iCloud backup/sync in soon… hopefully by end of this month!)