Everything vanished

2nd time I’ve updated the app this year, and the 2nd time everything has vanished. How do I recover my lists?? Is there a trashcan?? Why is this app so unreliable

Can you hit me up this weekend on iMessage at phill@impending.com?

We had a nasty data migration bug with the 1.x > 2.0 transition, but I’m surprised to hear it sounds like you lost data in some 2.x → 2.x update if I’m understanding correctly… (And presumably without ever uninstalling Clear during this process?)

I will note Clear’s local data is included in full device backups, if you have that on with iCloud. So your lists may be there if you restore your full device.

And we are hoping to have some redundant iCloud backups/restore option inside Clear within the next couple months, largely to cover the cases of people uninstalling the app and later reinstalling.

But I would really like to get to the bottom of this, please reach out with any extra context and I will try to help.