How to recover lost rewards?

I had to re-download the app and lost all my collected rewards. I was able to reinstall purchases, but really want my rewards and progress returned. Any help?

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Hey, so currently Clear’s data is local, and only backed up if you have like the full device backups on… that’s a lengthy and not ideal process so I don’t know if I would recommend for this.

Early this year we are going to ship a simple daily iCloud backup / restore system that will include reward progress etc. It’s a high priority, we just don’t want to rush it out in anything but rock solid shape.

Sorry this was not in the initial release, it originally was in our plans and we started work on it, but things piled up so much towards the end to finally ship this, after many delays. :sweat:

Thanks for the response. I did actually perform a total reset and backup install from yesterday but for some reason it didn’t add the rewards or progress. The funny thing is, I now have a number of 21 above the Clear icon appearing to be a notification, but I don’t see a way to access it.

Hmmmmm. That is unexpected in that it should’ve been included in the local data. Any chance the restore was from before your phone had updated to the new release?

The badging I think you can temporarily work around by toggling them off in Settings app under Clear. (If you don’t see the app there, you can set one reminder by swiping right past checking off and hit ‘done’ to pop permissions and make it appear.)

The 2.0.2 that should be out by Monday should also fix this though, by restoring the original ‘list count’ icon badging function in the first place as an opt in setting.

Is reward progress in a full device backup created on macOS? I had to restore to factory today and didn’t realize there was no sync and I lost my favourite theme but I do have a backup with it on it I believe.

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Yeah Clear’s data is all local but that does mean it’s included in those full device backups. Hoping to have a redundant simple backup/auto restore system for Clear in by later this spring to cover the fresh install cases.

Thanks! Is it possible to extract that file from the backup or is it only accessible if I restore to it?


Unfortunately only accessible via full restore :weary: Really will try to make that redundant/internal backup system a priority internally. We’re starting to enter that mode now, like catching up on less flashy under the engine projects and some polish/fixing/optimizing.

Dang! I don’t want to restore just for the theme so I’ll watch the shop and hope it comes back. Thanks!

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Is it a shop theme? If so you should be able to restore purchases (bottom of the shop). Rewards unlocks we generally don’t cycle in the shop though!

I didn’t buy it I don’t think because it doesn’t restore when I do that, I had a ton more themes on my phone before the restore though. Could it have been from the old clear? It was like a navy blue theme with a matching icon, I’m not sure where I got it.

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Looking into this more I think I had them from old clear because the one I can remember I’m missing is night owl classic. Will it come back to the store or is there a way for me to get it? My phone has backed up since I restored so I think I lost all my old clear items

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Sending you a message should be able to help.

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