My lists are GONE!

How can i get my lists back for a new iPhone.(14) I am very unhappy :frowning:

Hi Ling,

Can you check two levels up? It may have landed in the archive section.

its not coming up under archive

not coming up under archive…

If you set up your phone as a fresh install, Clear’s local data would not transfer over. Do you have a full device iCloud backup? Those include local data. Restoring your phone to your previous phone’s last state should bring your lists back!

How do I do that???
What happens if I get the data back can I ever update my phone again??

My phone is not recently purchased… it’s about a year old…. So it is …not …that I am loading my contacts and apps for the first time…this info is lost… how can I get it back??

Send me an iMessage at, have some questions on your situation and it will help me figure out the best thing to try.

Feel free to email me I tried to message you but couldn’t

I am emailing you as you requested.
So I noticed recently I had no lists…so I deleted the app and reinstalled it and still no lists…the app had been asking me to set up silly things like witches, Goblins, superman etc stuff… I really just need my lists no need for themes and color options etc…just simple lists…I have had this app for several years so there were lots of notes…if I cant find these lists I will sadly need to find a more reliable option…this happened to me once before but I was able to retrieve the notes then. I have no idea what I did at that time it was 3+years ago…

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I don’t see the email here including checking filter, but can try to figure it out here and assume email included mostly similar info as your latest.

From your post this seems pretty hairy…

One of the things definitely happening here is Clear is losing your local data when you uninstall it. That would mean it’s possible you have a full device iCloud backup with that data there, but if it’s been a while since you last saw your lists in Clear, I’m not sure backups would go that far back.

As a longtime user were you using the syncing feature in 1.x? Do you have a Mac? I have a kind of final Hail Mary to try, could send you a promo code for Clear Mac (which is no longer for sale), to see if that pulls in your 1.x lists via old sync, and go from there if it pulls anything useful in.

Finally I will note… by later this spring we really should have some simple automatic iCloud backup/restore option built into Clear itself. (So uninstalling it will not wipe out its data like it currently does!!)

I do have a Mac

Ok I sent you a promo code let’s see if it can install, and then if so, pull in any of your lists from old Clear iCloud.