Upgraded and lost all my lists

Hi, I recently downloaded the new Clear app and all my lists are gone. I can see the Legacy Clear file in iCloud but how do I see the lists in Clear? Thank you, Jamie

Hey Jamie, did you by chance download new Clear again from the App Store? (Like fresh after having not using the 1.x for some years etc.)

And are you a past Clear Mac user?

Thank you for replying. I’m a past Clear Mac user and yes I downloaded new Clear again from the App Store. What do you recommend?

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Ok so this is not a great situation that we should’ve better anticipated and set up for.

Basically when you redownloaded Clear from the App Store (new version now), it no longer has iCloud sync, so it doesn’t have your list data.

However as a past Clear Mac customer, you should be able to redownload it from your past purchases in Mac App Store app. The hope is if you turn on iCloud in Clear Mac after installing it again, it pulls in your lists. And then I could help you move those to the 2.x and your phone.

Can you give that a try and let me know if you get your lists back on your Mac at least to start?

Thank you. I was able to download the Mac app and get my 70 lists back. That is a relief. How do I get the data over to iPhone as the next step? Thanks in advance.

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Update: Got this figured out over iMessage with some help from Clear Mac.

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I have the same but worse disaster. Use legact Clear for many, many years. Stopped backing up ti iCloud no matter whar I did. Could not access the lists on either iPad or Mac both which has seemingly NEW Clear (Macbook store no londer has Clear on thr store)

I accidentally updated Clea on my iPhone C IOS 15.6. Not only lost my lists but hear a sound recording of some background voices? Very strange.

Opening Clear on Mac eorks, but no data and message ‘cannot refresh from iCloud
Ditto the iPad

I have very, very precious data on the Clear list, 4 list on my book manuscrits and a lot more

Pleasr help me retrieve this, I am willing to pay for professional time

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Hey Mario, please check for me if you have full device backups on for the iPhone:

If you do, I may be able to help. You can reach out to me on iMessage today at phill@impending.com

Let me know what kind of iPhone and iPad you have, we suspect there’s some connection with this black screen issue and performance issues/older devices.

I emailed you thanks Phil

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