Weekend Event Clear wallpapers by Basic Apple Guy!

I’ve been following Basic Apple Guy for years and today BOOM he made Clear-inspired wallpapers! And he’s going to be releasing more over the course of this week!

Heatmap is the best. Heatmap all the way.

(Though I have to admit that I’m really enjoying the Midnight theme + Stickies icon + iAWriter Quattro font combo at the moment)


Thank you for posting this! I was just thinking about how I need to post a thread for the upcoming event, let’s make it this.

Basic Apple Guy is a true fan of Clear and there’s some obvious overlap in interests in beautiful customization and all things Apple, so it’s been really cool scheming together on this first shop event (starting this Friday!)

If you like this teaser wallpaper he’s made a whole set inspired by some of our best themes, and even a dynamic one that changes through the day :smiley:

I’ll be drafting the shop lineups for this event here today, we’ll be linking these drops from him in the shop through the event too.


Here’s a tease of some collectibles for this weekend. There will be a couple freebies set aside each day! (Still deciding which ones exactly on the freebies.)

Rich Corinthian Leather

Cute Shuffle icons set

iPod Socks set as well lol

There are some more ‘classic’ themes too, like a handful inspired by some favorite iPhone colorways:

And new Shuffle / updated iMac inspired sets:


In the past you’ve said that you’re trying to stay away from AI-generated content for the app. From what I’ve seen of Basic Apple Guy, he seems very comfortable using AI tools to create the wallpapers he releases. Will his content for Clear include any AI “art”?


His wallpapers for the event are variations of the teaser wallpaper above, I can ask but I’m pretty sure they are ‘hand made’.

The collectibles for the event David’s been designing and rendering, with some fun ideas from @BAG.

Still figuring out how we feel about generative AI! It does feel like extremely potent sorcery, and I like the Promethean side. But of course it’s quite sketchy how it’s so efficiently blending and plundering the work of every artist etc. who has ever shared their work on the internet. And as it is, I tend to view it as kind of like, incredibly good at bland execution, less so with more unique personality or inspired/inspiring flair to the output.

In Clear’s context, the bigger picture is probably that we want the collectibles to feel like there’s some inspiration and care (and art!) behind them and I guess if a bunch of them were AI generated it would cheapen them, which would be an existential threat to our new business model. We don’t want to risk diluting the quality of the merchandise. So it’s a important to keep it up and we’ll be quite careful.

I will note (and I think I mentioned this exception before) Josh used an AI voice tool while making the Clear AI sound pack – I think that was a fair creative exception with its premise. And in that sense we also tend to not be like… black and white rule followers, but open to bending them here and there if there is the right context or delight for it.


I’m really curious to see how the dynamic wallpaper he mentioned turns out.


Here’s a preview of the freebies:


Shuffle Silver and Beige Box… oh mama!!!


I am so excited for these, thanks for sharing and for putting this event on! (And an additional thank you to BasicAppleGuy!)


Legend, thank you. Really looking forward to the event and seeing the rest of the collection there or any sneak peeks here!

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At this point I don’t want to overhype it :smiley: It is definitely a first test kind of thing. But hopefully people enjoy the freebies and wallpaper etc. and if successful enough we can riff on this more with upcoming holidays, maybe event-specific rewards etc.


Is the day 3 icon Mac '84? Just wanted to mention that some people will have that one as a gift reward.


It is, I have to admit the Gift Clear rewards are in a weird place right now. Some bugs breaking it for some people so thinking about pulling it entirely for now until we can fix, and I think this was a coveted reward there so hopefully it’s a nice surprise for most.

(Not currently planning to just give out all the gift rewards free, but this one really fit the event and maybe we’ll swap it out when we do the fix pass on Gift Clear.)


I’m hoping by September when new iPhones roll out we have an option to backup rewards as well as I usually don’t restore from a complete backup. I know you mentioned iCloud sync is a beast in its own but is a manual backup like we do now with url an option to also backup fun stuff like it does with lists ?

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The manual URL only backs up lists and themes atm. (It was written for support purposes back when there weren’t even other collectibles.)

We will make sure that auto backup/restore system is in ahead of new iPhone day… hopefully well ahead. (We don’t want to rush it out because the stakes of this feature is so high if we made mistakes, but it is also like 100x less complicated than full blown sync so it’s not a monster project.)

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Can I please ask you for a favor? :pray: In case you pull the Gift Clear section, could you also do something similar with the theme “Private Beach” (currently unlocked after you introduce Clear to 8 people)? Because, although I have purchased tons of other beautiful themes, this one looks special to me, it has just the right colors, I’m staring at it for 2 months now every time I tap to preview, but unfortunately there is no other way to get it… :worried:

I’m asking for this, because I have already seen 4 other rewards from the Gift Clear list as available for purchase in the shop (the corresponding items for Trendsetter, Tastemaker, Super Fan and Zealot) -I purchased the last two myself- and somehow I also unlocked the Evangelist reward randomly. Some of them even appeared 2 or 3 times in the shop already. I don’t mind paying for it, but the equivalent of the “Fanatic” reward is the only one that never appeared as an option.

Could you do an exception for this delightful, tropical, summer theme? Pleeeeeease?!! :sunny::palm_tree::ocean::sunglasses::grin::innocent:


Yeah that’s a nice beach theme, if I recall correctly one of the early ones available in the beta. Was fun using it!

I really appreciate seeing the Mac icon will be around this weekend (wanted it back ever since losing it in beta!). I would just rather pay for the gift rewards than having to hassle or spam referral links.

It’s too bad that nice labyrinth icon is stuck behind a referral counter too,


Yeah, kinda impossible for me to get it too since most of my friends use android phones and the ones that have iPhone, only like three wanted me to share the app so we can all have freebies, but I’ll never get to the “introduced Clear to 8 people”.


Chiming in to be able to purchase the Private Beach theme; I will literally never have 8 people to introduce to this app, it will genuinely never happen. I know there’s a similar looking theme (or there was in the beta), but I never liked it quite as much as Private Beach, which was a go-to theme for me, and the other beachy theme has yet to appear in the shop anyway.