Weekend Event Clear wallpapers by Basic Apple Guy!

Heard! If we free another Gift Clear reward it will be Private Beach.


I second this! This is my absolute favorite theme and rocked it all through the Beta. Really bummed that there is no other way to get this one and have mentioned as much on this forum before


I just wanted to share that today we have already passed ~275 collectibles sold in the shop. This is the fastest I’ve seen while keeping track hourly, and may be on track to match or surpass our highest sales days ever. (January 8th and 9th, the first two days of launch.)

Thank you all for making this a successful launch for our first little event! :muscle: @BasicAppleGuy is also very excited about the early results.


That’s very cool.

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First day was a big success! Thank you everyone for participating, I hope everyone enjoyed the freebies so far and any collectibles purchased. :heart_hands:

(I am still waiting for Apple sales reporting to come in for yesterday… can’t 100% trust our metrics vs. theirs. But no matter what, it was a very very strong shop sales day for us.)

Today is iPod day, moving back some in time to celebrate the era of dancing silhouettes and pre-smartphones. @BasicAppleGuy will also be releasing I think the dynamic Mac wallpaper variant today, will link that in shop.

And then tomorrow we will finish off with Mac day, and perhaps an encore/reprise of previous days to make it feel like a finale. Plus this final variant wallpaper I think from @BAG:

Already looking forward to future events and making them more fun! (Maybe special rewards for the period in addition to straight freebies.)


That rainbow version looks fantastic! :rainbow::heart_eyes:

Since these beautiful Clear Wallpapers in various colors by Basic Apple Guy are distributed freely, do you think you could also import them and feature them as free graphic themes that could be used inside the Clear app? :thinking: I think many people (including myself) would love to use them in the app, too! :smiling_face:


I was thinking about this, the graphic themes were developed like midway through planning for the event so didn’t have much time to prep. But they were also a little inspired by looking through Basic Apple Guy’s wallpaper archive and thinking man, a lot of these would be pretty awesome as Clear themes. Maybe we’ll do another team up later this year :slight_smile: (I would want to feature these in another event with him but I think there’s a good chance it’ll happen with the success so far! Maybe near WWDC or something? Will have to see what he thinks after this one!)

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Sunday store not opening yet? It constantly says down below “opening in less than a minute”.

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Apologies, just opened!

Edit: Maybe we should have the shop open a little later in the day… kind of been an issue how it changes over at 7am here lol.


Did the final variant wallpaper get pulled at the last second? I was really looking forward to this as a complement to the dynamic wallpaper.

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I believe he will post it tomorrow as a thank you for the event going well :slight_smile:


Ok, great! I wanted to hold off on purchasing another shop icon in case it was going to be a surprise drop or something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Loving the wallpapers by Basic Apple Guy, and the shop event. Just one question: do the dynamic wallpapers only work on Mac laptop/PC, not on iPhone? Love the idea, but can’t install so far (my phone is my only Apple device).

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on iPhone, only on Mac computers.


So the event is coming to an end, and there is a little less than an hour left before the store is updated.
I want to thank the @Clear and @BasicAppleGuy development team for such a triumphant first event in the store. I think it turned out great. From the development of collectibles to wallpaper. Everything looks very cool.
That’s what I got at this event, amazing badges, themes, and some freebies.

I also want to note that I really liked the collection of themes dedicated to the iMac, it looks excellent. They even inspired me to make wallpapers for your lock screen and home screen, and I’m happy to share them with you.

Here’s a download link :point_down:t3:


And who knows, maybe I can be in some of the subsequent events. :slightly_smiling_face:


These are cool, thanks for making and sharing them.

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Thank you, that’s nice to hear.

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That’s a big haul!!

And a good idea with the wallpapers, might try matching set today here. It is interesting how the artwork for graphic themes overlap quite a bit in this way.

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Yes, it would be cool to provide wallpaper as well, lol, there’s a Knit Pack today. :upside_down_face:
I can do it.

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Static wallpaper/lockscreen versions make so much sense for graphic themes that don’t lend themselves naturally to scrolling but do look great on a single static screen (e.g. gradient knit themes). Looking forward to seeing where this leads!