Use Search to add/swipe to renew item to list

Longtime paid happy user, almost exclusively for grocery shopping, so I have lists for each store, eg, Costco, Safeway, etc. items I regularly buy are already in list, SOMEWHERE, and when I buy, I swipe to indicate no longer required. To shop next time for same item, NOW, I have to first scroll to FIND the item, THEN SWIPE to renew it in list of items to shop for. Sometimes end up adding item as new when it already exists, eg, “berries,”

WHAT IF, instead of scrolling through list, I could literally SEARCH for it at top of list, bringing it to top of list by typing only the first few letters, as in other standard searches, and once it appears, I could swipe to remove the line-through, thus adding the item to the top of the list before I go shopping.

This could easily build the current shopping list without item redundancy using already familiar search habits.


Search is something we were taking a little stab at a few weeks ago but with Spotlight search integration. Unfortunately the API seems really… dusty and not working as expected with some basic things lol. So I could see us taking another look at search in the future with a more in-app UX.

I will say that for this case (tasks you repeatedly check off) I really want to support this sooner than later, hopefully this summer. The basic version in my head right now is, you could check off groceries, pull to Clear, and they would regenerate as unchecked items at the top ready to go again. Hopefully that would fit your use case!


Sounds like you’re on the right track and you understand my concern. Looking forward to your solution.

Wishing you well in monetization. For me, Clear was well worth buying and to be honest, all I ever use or am likely to use are my basic shopping lists for each store. Would have been willing to pay for an upgrade.

For people who might shop at multiple stores, items on sale at A, not B, C or sold only at A, not B, an integrated multi-store list would be neat, but I am happy as a clam with basic clear. Some things I get at Costco, so at Winco, a few at Fred Meyers, so no problem.

Keep up the great work and I hope it repays you well.