Clear 2.2.1 (swipe to share + some other improvements)

This is a quicker update. (Available now on App Store.)

Some improvements & fixes:
• Share a list (plain text or auto cropped image) by swiping its title right
• You can now swipe the list title right to add from within a List Library list
• You can now drag out lists from the List Library to ‘My Lists’
• New themes for the shop

In the pipe:
• Clear for Apple Watch is under development

You can now swipe a list title right to share it without taking a screenshot, plus there are a couple list library functions filled in.

There have also been 14 new lists added to the List Library since its release and we’ll be adding more as we go. Hoping the couple new ones we added lately showcasing workflows/systems like ‘Weekly Kanban’ and ‘Priority List’ find some traction for new people getting started.

Will continue on iterating on List Library in future updates, with an eye on being able to edit or add your own list templates there too.


This would be so rad! I misread the update as such so naturally I came here to cry about it. :joy:


There seems to be some kind of audio issue on the latest version, I haven’t figured out exactly when it happens, but it’s a short glitchy sound that seems to happen sometimes shortly after opening the app. I’m using the Island Sunset sounds, set to louder.

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I’m getting the same thing upon resuming the app. Sounds to me like the cash register sound from the shop (when somebody else makes a purchase), except it’s all glitchy.

I noticed earlier today that I’m getting the cash register sound (playing normally) throughout the app and not just in the shop anymore (this may be related to first visiting the shop).

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I think I’ve encountered this myself, it’s kind of like loud/staticky and then fixes itself? The shop one is new to me, if anyone experiences let me know here.