Feature fix request - Scrolling up while dragging a list item

Hi! I’ve used Clear on and off for many years, and for awhile I had a 700 item grocery list I’d reorganize with it! I stopped using it over time, but would love to use it again. There is one extremely important (to me) feature request I’d like to make. It’s actually a behavior that went away from the earliest versions of Clear that I’d hope to see restored.

In a nutshell, if you have a long list, and you’ve scrolled some ways down it, and you want to drag a list item or row from down there to up top, it is very hard to do so: When you drag and push into the top header area, it scrolls, but often it sort of just snags or pauses or slows or stops scrolling and you have to find a sweet spot for pulling that item upwards once again.

In the earliest versions of Clear, I’m quite certain that this was not the case: When you dragged an item up, and hit the top, it’d push and keep pushing / scrolling upwards until you moved it back down to its new resting place.

Does this make sense?

Can this be restored? :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you know that you can already kinda flick/throw an item to the top and bottom? Does that help?

Hm, it feels like something like that could help, though I don’t always want an item to go only top or bottom but sometimes just nearer to those spots with scrolling to get there. Even so, I can’t get flicking to work in the way I intuitively would think it would work, based on your description.

This seems to be working as you expect/describe in the new version. Are you on the beta?

For that kind of use case I think the new design’s batch dragging should also be quite useful. (You can also, while holding the item(s) with one hand, scroll to more quickly get to the destination with the other.)

The tossing or flicking items to the top or bottom functionality is actually something we probably should turn off for release. I think the idea of it is really great, and if I remember correctly was suggested by a customer, but we never had time to properly execute on it past the very rough version of it in the app now. It needs natural feeling physics to feel up to Clear’s standards.

I only have the old version of Clear installed, no beta. I suppose that’s why I can’t flick! :slight_smile: Good to hear there’s now several ways to deal with this kind of a task.

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