Swipe down to add item

In the previous version of Clear, there was a convenient feature that allowed users to swipe down while the keyboard was open during list editing. This enabled the quick addition of an item to the top of the list without needing to dismiss the keyboard.

Not sure if it’s a bug or a discontinued feature in the new Clear, but this gesture doesn’t seem to work anymore. Any help with this? It made lists super easy to generate.

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Just hit “next” on the keyboard!


Yep I’m hoping this actually ends up being more efficient once you muscle memory warm up to it, since when you’re typing a bunch of stuff in a row you’re focused pecking away at the keyboard area.

(And is much more obvious/intuitive to people new to Clear, while this is obviously an app that with some built-in learning curve to its gesture premise, it is very valuable to shave off something we had to teach previously.)

I will note you can tap outside of the current item, or swipe down from right above the keyboard to exit keyboard/editing mode. (Vs. nexting past an empty row.)

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