Issues with new version

I am very sad and totally dissatisfied with new version, it is not possible to download my stored list on Icloud, not possible to set up due dates and also it is not possible to synchronize my devices, the new version deleted everything that was important for me

How I can come back TO THE OLD VERSION?

We cannot afford to support the old version and iCloud right now. :sweat: The infrastructure is old and behind modern building codes basically. Hope to build back up to it but I can’t offer a timeline yet.

I posted on the overall situation and launch so far here if you are curious: State of Clear: Post Launch & Looking Forward - #23 by phillryu

If you relied on sync and especially with Clear Mac, you can contact me at for a refund to go towards a syncing replacement.

Are you saying it’s not possible to load in from iCloud as in you had uninstalled Clear / reinstalled it on phone and it didn’t sync in your lists as expected? I could possibly help in that case but need some more info.

The reminders are there but were moved, you can access swiping right past checking off an item. I apologize about the confusion and not communicating this change and the iCloud regression properly!

Sorry but my question was not solved

It is possible to download the previous CLEAR version?, really doesn’t make sense to use this app with my 200 (or more) list missing and created along 10 years

Hey can you iMessage me at today? I have some questions to figure out your specific situation first, like what devices you were syncing on (Mac?) and what you are currently seeing in Clear 2.x on iPhone. Would probably be much quicker over text.