App suddenly not syncing with iCloud

Hi there, I’ve been using Clear for years without issue but all of a sudden this week it’s stopped syncing with iCloud. I deleted the app and reinstalled and now the new app on my phone is completely fresh and none of my historic lists are there. I’ve checked and I’m logged into iCloud in the app store and was when I downloaded the app… please help, I need my lists to sync! Thanks.

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Clear has been updated to version 2 and is a totally new application. If you read in the forum there are many cases like yours, the main post to help you is this

I hope that the fact that you deleted and reinstalled the app did not affect the data loss

Hi there,

If it synced to iCloud then it would have been fine. The issue is that it’s not syncing to my iCloud. Can you help me more than this please?



The problem is precisely that, being a new application it currently does not support iCloud. It should have imported your lists on first launch but you wouldn’t have seen subsequent changes on other devices as it doesn’t support cloud synchronization. There is currently no new version of the Mac application planned and therefore with the new version you will be better off keeping the lists updated only on your phone…

Pity. I’ll be deleting it and signing up with someone else then.


Any idea where? Because I’m looking for an alternative that synchronises lists.

I signed up with Todoist… It’s not quite as visually pleasing but it’s free and syncs between phone & computer…

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Thank you. I’m looking for “Don’t forget your milk”, but what I read mac version sucks. I’ll give it Todoist a go.

Shame Clear was such a nice small simple app.

I know, I don’t know why they changed it… such a silly idea.

Ciara Bresnihan

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It seems the Mac app no longer syncs with iOS version. Will this be fixed?

Syncing is retired, sorry to disappoint there. We hope to rebuild it for new Clear step by step but the old syncing was breaking down more and more for people over the years and in need of a redo. (It’s not a simple fix.)

Probably should not have released a major update with crucial functionality broken.


It’s a long story, after we take care of some of the big bugs I will post in the forums a better summary.

Clear Mac and the 1.x syncing code is ancient and hovering in an uncomfortable purgatory where an eventual iOS or Xcode or App Store update requirements change is going to leave it in a place where we both can’t afford to fix it and have people stranded.

It also burned out our original push with Clear many many years ago… we bit off more than we could chew as a tiny indie team and there was never a return on investment on this, e.g. Clear made the majority of its lifetime revenue in its first year when it was iPhone only. So we have to be very careful this time when we rebuild it.

I would gladly pay for the ability to get Old Clear back while the broken version gets its sync capabilities developed. Even a subscription model would be fine.


Thanks for the quick reply. Hoping for a new Mac version.

Yup, I’m out as well. I like the design of Clear, but without the basic sync functionality, it’s not a good solution.

What a pity. I’d have been more than happy to pay a little to maintain functionality, but it’s such a poor decision to depreciate critical features.


Ouch! A bit of a painful update this, I use and love Clear on the mac daily and had it synced to phone via iCloud, so the phone app is useless to me without this functionality.

I need these working across both to be useful, so will just use apple’s reminders until this is reinstated.

Hopefully in a few months when the kinks are ironed out i’ll come back to it, good luck!

Thank you, totally understand if sync is a make it or break it thing for you all posting here. We hope to welcome you back someday after we have hopefully been able to build it back up piece by piece.

Clear does have a surprisingly iPhone dominant base in its usage, I suspect far more than most other todo apps. My guess why is because of how it has a strong niche or fairly unique appeal that is difficult to find elsewhere, and in general turns off the common category customer who usually is looking for a laundry list of features and power and absolutely demands multi-device support and syncing.

(Not putting you in that bucket btw, I don’t consider you all here the average category customer. You had taste to choose Clear in the first place :slight_smile: )

A little bit of the Nintendo Switch to it, vs. most of the PS5’s and Xboxes and gaming PC’s out there.

But I miss typing in some Clear lists on my Mac too, so yeah, I’m sure we will be scouting it out again, just a matter of when we feel we have the bandwidth and traction to dive in.

(Though I will say, if step 1 is sync engine, step 2 this time around might be a simple web client first ahead of full blown native Mac.)

I have switched over to Remember The Milk

I have also tested Tick Tick.

But Tick Tick is certainly a departure from Old Clear’s minimalistic approach. It also has features that are redundant to the other tools that I already use.

No synching between iPhone and iPad is definitely a problem! I too, would gladly pay a subscription fee if you could recreate the old Clear. It used to be so, well - Clear. And simple. I was using it every day for literally the last 11 years, and always wondered why I didn’t have to pay each year. Please, please figure out a way to bring back synching!