Update = can't change the theme now

I’ve been using this app for years and now this update lost my lists, can’t change the theme (only 3 options), can’t purchase anything or use any free option, can’t change icon and the lists are so big even when I choose “tiny”. What the heck??? I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled and now there are less options available to me. I’m on the verge of just deleting it altogether and I’m sad because I’ve loved this app for so long.

PS - new to this and didn’t know I shouldn’t delete app and reinstall. Luckily, I saved my lists elsewhere beforehand.

PPS - My lists actually came back later, but I’m still unable to change the theme, purchase, etc.


Good to hear on your lists returning.

We’re going to look at Tiny in an early update, I have kind of a bias towards bigger text (hate typing a lot on phone all these years later) but obviously people picking that option, we should lean into it more. So will make it more compact etc.

Purchasing you swipe right (tap previews in the shop). I put some classic themes in the shop for free for now (felt bad about the old themes collection not carrying over!) so you can try with those to start building your theme collection.

You can also use this link to immediately unlock a couple more themes etc.

And there are some launch collectibles you can collect via links as well here.

Yes, I’m older and do like a larger text (so I get it, for sure), but I’ve noticed with using a list I need to see the whole list or I might forget to do something or forget to scroll down. With the larger text it takes up too much of the screen. That’s just a personal preference.

The themes is working now. I tried looking online for a tutorial and there wasn’t one. I’m assuming due to how new the update is there isn’t one available. I would consider putting one out there. I’m still stumped on how to use “rewards”.

I appreciate the link! And, thanks for getting back so quickly!

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Congratulations on the launch! I’m excited to explore the new version.

A wide range of font sizes is crucial. Maybe you could include a font size slider in the app with the ability to select a font size from microscopic to massive? (I personally often prefer the text to be as small as possible.)

Even better if it would be possible to type in the exact font size one prefers as a number for precise control? That would be the dream.

Thank you!