Can you make the original version available again please?

I need the iCloud sync feature.

Is it possible to make it available on the App Store again please?


The new version is horrendous, and defeats the purpose of a simple list app.

You have killed the very thing you sought to improve.

The good typography, simple interface, easy to understand transitions.

You have awful typography, no clear list item delineation, horrible and irrelevant transition animations.

Please make the original available, and allow users to never update to this terrible version spew (two)


i felt that way at first today too. i found the new design very jarring, clunky, and the opposite of what i loved about the original. but after downloading the old themes for free from the store (they have clear line delineations) and playing around on the personalizations like making the text smaller. i found that the new app is a solid replacement for the old app. i also had fun unlocking some of the new themes from the reward section.


Oh my god thank you. I needed my ultraviolet theme back and didn’t know I could just download it from the shop. I don’t see why these classic themes wouldn’t just be included by default

Same, disappointed at first but I was able to get close to the old style with personalization.

Still, we need iCloud sync and desktop app support!!!

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How did you download the original themes? I already had a few I now need to unlock/reward.
I bought the original app around 2010
Edit: found it now but I am sure I had night owl unlocked but I need to unlock it aganin

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Yes, the whole point of ‘Clear’ is to pick up your list on any device — without sync it’s useless.


I am also looking for the original version of this application, if anyone finds a solution, please let me know :sob: