Undo doesn’t support edits

In the old clear, I’d shake to undo edits (or deletions) but in the new clear it seems “undo” only supports deletions.

Is there another gesture to undo edits? Or is there plans to support undo-ing edits in the future?

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+1 to this - would be really useful to have shake to edit again, I used it a lot in old Clear.

… and undo doesn’t bring back an accidentally checked-off item. Both of these undo behaviors would help me.


We can try to layer on more support in future updates, but it is one of those things where Clear’s very custom interface makes it a bigger project vs. using all of Apple’s off the shelf components and having it just work.

That’s why it was so triaged for now to just destructive actions! Deleting things as you noted + clearing away completed items too.

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Makes sense. Thank you for the explanation. I’m still hoping for my accidental check-offs. :wink:

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