Undoing checked off items brings back wrong item

I was using the newest beta of Clear to manage my checklists yesterday, and came across weird behavior I had not seen before. As I checked things off, I would mark them as completed, but every so often I would mark one completed by accident. I would shake the phone and press undo, but what got returned to the list was not the item I most recently deleted, but the first one I completed that day. I would correct the situation and continue, and a few items later I would accidentally delete another one, repeat all the same actions, and exactly the same item (the wrong one again) would be returned to the list. Please check this out, the original Clear never did this to me. Thanks.

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So I was just testing here, and I think I reproduced what you’re talking about but wonder if what’s going on is this:

Currently undo in Clear only handles destructive actions. (Deleting list, deleting item, clearing completed items.) It does not support ‘uncompleting’ an item.

So I think what is happening is you’re expecting undo to ‘uncomplete’ the item, but it is actually restoring the last item you deleted in your list.

Does that check out?

It would be ideal if Clear had a fully granular undo but I think that might be a bigger project we have to layer on later. Agreed though that this expectation and example is confusing and not a great experience…

BTW going to edit your thread title to make it more specific/easier to look up in the future.

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Now that I think back, I think your analysis was correct. I remember now that I had outright deleted that item because it was a duplicate under a different name of something already on the list. And whenever I accidentally completed an item and shook “undo” to get it back, the deleted duplicate was the item that came back. I understand your explanation, though I felt sure that undo used to “uncomplete” completed items in the original Clear. Thanks for the logical explanation, and I agree it would be great to expand undo’s function like this in the future.


This makes sense. Shaking is typically an Undo function.

Sure, and just in case if it’s helpful if you find yourself un-checking a bunch of tasks, we do support multitouch now. It needs more polish but can save some swipes.