I swiped up on a list and lost all my checked off items!

I swiped up on my list and the app “demolished” all of my previously checked off items. I had no clue that was a gesture and it happened so fast. I was saving those on purpose because I wanted to remember them. Is there any way to get those back?

Honestly, I’m a bit devastated because it was a list of movies/shows we want to watch with the cleared items being a reminder of things we had watched. Years worth!

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Try shaking your phone, it should undo and bring back those items I think.

Thank you. That worked. I’m surprised because I immediately left the list when I lost the items. Didn’t think I’d be able to go back and undo at that point.

I like the simplicity of scrolling up to get rid of everything, but I’m hoping they can implement some kind of archive for those just in case you make a mistake.

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Yes I tend to agree. I need to think on it some more but definitely considering a “Recently Cleared” lists in the Archive. I think there are a lot of people who might not clear as much as they should in general as well, because it wipes away their history of progress without something like this.

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