This achievement is too evil 😭

A month of not being able to enjoy Clear as intended ends soon, hopefully no more other painful achievements :pensive:


For real, lol. Knew what this would be before I opened it. I’m at 10% and that’s the highest I’ve ever gotten, and will probably ever get.

Oh man did I really set it to 30 days, I don’t know why my past self was so evil lol. I will tune this lower for release… if not consider entirely replacing or removing it. Might be better for a secret reward when we get to those.

It wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t 30 days in a row. Or if it didn’t reset to 0% from merely previewing themes without exiting.

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Lol I completed mine a few days ago, I had gotten to 90% when I accidentally switched themes in the shop and reset it a month ago…
It’s been tough I won’t lie :laughing:


Ha! I had no problem because I use 2 themes: Heatmap and Heatmap :fire: