Lost all themes now using new Clear

User from OG clear.
Been using the beta in test flight.
I’ve now lost all my themes and progression on acquiring new rewards. :frowning:

There was a post earlier that all the rewards and progression would reset for everyone post-beta, but folks who helped test / early adopters would get exclusive bonuses. Check the Launch Thread for some links to download

Additionally, they plan release even more unlocks with the upcoming 2.01 release.

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Sorry about this, if I could rewind the clock I would’ve delayed release a full week to implement carrying over reward progress for testers, and legacy theme collections for 1.x people updating. We will unlock most of the themes in the rare pool + all launch exclusives and legacy themes we have ported so far for you all in an upcoming update to sort of make up for this.


Been searching the store and unlocking rewards in hopes of trying to find the Sitcom sound. Any chance you could please include the Sitcom sound in your release this week? Loved using that so much. Wish there was a way to pay for all personalizations with a lifetime plan or at least rotate the store faster than every 24 hours. Thanks

That one is a shop exclusive. I just scheduled it for January 20th for you, look out for it then.