Rewards seem corrupted


I’ve been testing the Clear 2 for quite a while now and I’m finding that reward themes that I earn are not showing up. Instead, a gradient bar is appearing in their places. See attached image. Nothing happens when you try and touch or swipe those gradient bars, they are just dead space.

I tried deleting Clear 2 and reinstalling and I lost ALL of the rewards I had collected.

I’m currently running: 2.0.0 (8033)
iOS 17

This was also happening on iOS 16.x as well.

Any thoughts??

Do you mind checking your completed rewards and seeing if you are actually missing any? The next TF should fix this, by filtering out duplicate rewards that were caused by us moving some around (and are showing up as empty rows). So I think that’s what’s going on but if you are actually missing some that could point to another bug, let me know.

Yes. I am missing them. Each of the 3 bars corresponds to the three rewards I completed.

I’m missing “early bird”, “night owl”, and “oriented”plus one other one I can’t figure out since there are now 4 blank lines. See attached.