Flying Monkey theme unlocked?

Hi, not sure if this is a bug, but Flying Monkey theme just unlocked for no apparent reason.

I was fiddling around with a list to add to my progress to longer term rewards, but didn’t earn a new reward through those actions.

It’s a lovely colour and I’ll use it, so thanks :smiling_face: but thought I’d flag just in case.

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There are some random loot drops (small chance whenever you check off something or clear completed tasks away.) Towards the end of the beta we started shifting things away from it though, because it is quite random feeling and I think not as satisfying as rewards. So we might kind of phase out this concept over time in favor of adding more fun rewards (and secret ones too).


Makes sense, thanks for clarifying. Agree that as nice as it is to get a bonus gift, it’s more satisfying as a reward.


Secret rewards sounds like a terrible idea. Flying Monkey is awesome though, easily my go-to theme now.

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Can you show me a Screenshot with this theme?
Or how to unlock it?

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I think there’s a bug with Newcomer (use Clear daily for one week) & Novice (use Clear daily for a second week). Both unlocked on the same day

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Just noting this theme will be one of the ones we just auto unlock for everyone in 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 (when you visit Personalize after updating) along with most other themes in the ‘random loot’ pool, as an early adopter bonus/gift.

Most likely will be included in 2.0.1 but I just don’t want to promise that now because 2.0.1 has become prioritized around fixing migration issues.

It will unlock all of the below that you haven’t acquired yet:

Oh I realized the image still has old theme names, but the blue one is Flying Monkey. (That set was renamed around Oz, so Brick Road, Emerald City etc.)


I wanted to know how to unlock the Meaty’s theme in official release…

During the beta testing I had unlocked it by creating a grocery list and checking off items in that grocery list.

Tried doing so in official app but can’t seem to trigger the Meaty’s theme unlock.

I have a personal attachment to that theme as I had unlocked it during a difficult period this past summer and that uplifted me during that time. Wish to be able to use that theme again someday.

Please let me know how to get that particular theme unlocked.

Same with Purple Dragon, which was the perfect theme for me, and I’m still waiting for it to pop up in the store.

I wish we could have some sort of one off sale with everything available at once, so we can rebuild our setups as intended by purchasing the missing themes and stuff.

I guess it’s in the shop pool now, we might’ve moved it and some other random loot drops sometime in the beta. I was considering just sticking it into the shop for you tonight but… the rest of the shop is themed to candy and sweets :joy: Eh I’ll throw it in in case that’s helpful for you.


If you do the same with Purple Dragon and Cat Facts, I will be the happiest user ever haha

Well purple dragon we don’t seem to have set up currently. But sigh, candy facts and cat facts it is.

I can’t keep doing this but maybe in the future we can occasionally have like ‘forum wishlist’ days for the shop and a thread for that.


Oh no! So how do I get it? Random drop?

I just purchased cat facts, THANKS A LOT!

This is the theme I’m talking about, in case it changed names haha

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We can look into this after launch dust settles, we probably have a few one-off themes just uncategorized or something.

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I see, understandable! Will try to find a theme that works for me in the meantime. Purple Dragon had amazing legibility and a color palette I really love. That’s why I grew to like it so much. Hopefully it will come back :purple_heart:

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