Unlocks/ rewards have stopped

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but I’m a legacy user and have used the app for many items on many days, but haven’t had a theme or font unlocked in months.

Is it possible to have a corrupted profile to something that bars me from unlocking?

Hmm, can you let me know in TestFlight app which build of the Clear beta you have installed? If you are on the latest I would expect you to unlock some simply by checking things off regularly enough. In previous builds you could only get a chance by ‘pulling to clear’ checked off items.

(I’m assuming you don’t already have a full collection, but you could check the “X out of Y collected” text at the bottom of themes list etc. in case.)

Good news. I upgraded to 9.1 / 8030, tested again by checking off and pulling down, and I’m getting unlocks again.

Both fonts and themes. I’m not sure which version fixed it but I’m happy it’s working.

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Great to hear. Are you not a regular ‘pull to clear’ type person? If so that would largely explain it, just recently added that chance for loot on checking off as well.

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