Theme concepts. 🎨

Here’s that Coronado. Anyone ever been? Pics don’t do it justice.

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There are a lot of Coronados, but if you mean the one in California, I’ve been. I wandered around in the midsummer heat and found some great gelato.

I meant Coronado, Kansas, certainly.

Hey, I dunno. The one in Panama is apparently a resort town :man_shrugging:

I have a couple of WIP theme ideas I’m going to try to finish this weekend. I’d’ve liked to finish them sooner, but alas, my deadlines had other ideas.

Am I the only one old enough to remember Hotline?
Tell me someone else knows what I’m talking about. Please?

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I was more of a Carracho kid myself. It was interesting growing up through that era of early internet piracy. Napster and then torrents made it much more convenient and mainstream but also at the expense of the communities it was grounded in before, kind of splitting it into a couple distinct eras for me. (Some of that feeling too with the indie/shareware scene pre-App Store and after.)

Who’s ready to take a bite out of Retro Blueberry?

This one is inspired by, you know, that one computer from the late 90s that came in different colors or whatever. Still not entirely sure I love the text on this one, but I’m really happy with the pinstripes in the headers and icon.


I think we actually may need to look into some texture/pinstripes support! Which could be straightforward or totally not depending. But the iMac inspired themes we added I feel kind of need them to really carry the premise, or we may replace them with something else for launch.

Here’s Sir Isaac, a theme that takes its cues from the late MessagePad models. When you complete a thought, the backlight turns on locally. It’s magic!

The type is also faithful to the original Newton devices, with Gill Sans on the “body” of the device and Marty Pfeiffer’s Nu Sans on the “screen”. The Newton devices used Espy Sans, a bitmap font; Nu Sans is a reimagining of it as an outline font. There is also a Nu Casual, an outline font reimagining of the Casual bitmap font used to render notes that were input using handwriting recognition.

Gill Sans is already included in both macOS and iOS, but there is no bundled alternative to Espy Sans. Apple Casual, a successor to the bitmap font in some sense, has been included in some versions of macOS as a component of the Ink handwriting recognition service, but it’s not in current versions of macOS and iOS.

@phillryu You know, I’ve unlocked Lime and Strawberry, but I never made the connection between those themes and the iMac G3 until just now and I’m not sure if that’s my fault or the themes’ fault. Maybe a different icon would’ve been enough to make it click for me. I tried to have the icon recall the colorful logo (on the top) against the pinstriped bezel. A little tweaking is all it takes to produce an icon for every “flavor”.


Vice? Yes it is. Pretty much exactly like it, and I’m with you. Fire and Ive is one of my top themes.

These are all incredible! I’ve looked at this post several times and finally had to reply.

These graduating color schemes are always my favorite type of themes. The bolder or contrasting yet somehow complementary the colors are the better! Excellent job. Vice and Ethereal look quite similar to themes already within the app but love them regardless. Excellent job and yes, please keep ‘em coming!!

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@GenXHippie Afraid not. I am of the Limewire/KaZaA days.

@Klippityklop Thank you. And which theme do you think Ethereal looks like? I went back in to compare and didn’t really see any. Speaking of similar themes,

I know this is a contrast nightmare and isn’t too far away from Space Apple and Minimalist Dark, but I always need a good black-on-black theme and the others weren’t quite hitting for me. So I just made one that I would most like to use. Actually showed some restraint in not going even darker, lol. Won’t be for everyone I am well aware.


I could see myself using this if I need to do some listing before bed and want the screen to be as dark as possible while still being usable. Might also be nice for those days when you’re sick, you have a headache, and your eyes are already starting to feel strained from too much screen time. The challenge for me would be finding an easy way to switch back and forth, since I wouldn’t want to use that 100% of the time.

As an aside, I’d like to link to an article with a very high-resolution photo of a MessagePad 2100 (seriously, open it in a new tab to see how huge it is), since I realized many people here may have never seen the device my last theme was based on. Apple discontinued the whole line in 1998, but there are people out there who still use them regularly today.

Yeah, I’m not really an Apple Guy or Old Tech Guy so I don’t get the references, but they could make a good collection for others.

There’s also this one, live in the beta, which pairs great with Blueberry

Phil, it might be worthwhile to ask BasicAppleGuy if he wants to round out the list of flavors :grin:

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Huh, I didn’t even realize that was in there. I am shamelessly biased in favor of my own design, which is truer to the pinstripes and colors of the iMac, but I would probably use it all the same. I think BasicAppleGuy’s icon is a nod to the early Aqua interface, which had horizontal pinstripes and used a deeper shade of blue than the Blueberry iMac.

Lately, I’ve been rotating through the Simple [Color] themes. I didn’t expect to gravitate towards them, but I like that they never look out of place whether my phone is in dark mode or light mode. Being able to choose different themes for each would be a cool way to use a light theme during the day while avoiding the experience of being blinded by Clear at night, although I’m not sure it would be possible to preserve the behavior of changing the app icon to match the theme.

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Happy Fall, all. Went for a different take than the usual red/orange/yellow that’s already well-covered in Clear.


I love the concept of green leaves turning orange. We have a long list of theme ‘features’ we want to get to someday… would be very cool to have a version of this someday that changes slowly over the season.


I have been there. Glittery sand. :heart:

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Would still love to see Aurora as an option someday, and Incendia, and Magic Hour, and and and Cloud Forest, Cherry Blossom, Crisp, Jungle, Coronado, Gourd… you do such a great job especially with darker themes that use bold colors while still being really beautiful and legible AND use heat maps!

Clear’s dark themes so far tend to either forgo the heat maps or be really desaturated (or will inevitably use the color red :sob: not a fan), so as a dark mode user I love basically all of your more bold and jewel-toned heat map themes, especially ones with a lighter font color that contrasts with the background. Crossing my fingers they wind up in the app in some form someday :eyes: