Theme concepts. 🎨

I’d very much like if the Clear team focuses again on colorful gradient themes, rather than these graphical themes which I found to despise in the end (sorry, no hard feelings, just don’t like them) and I’d very much like if they make a deal with r1y3 to implement at least some of their great suggestions (mostly Magic Hour, Cloud Forest, Forelsket, Crisp) :slight_smile:


This thread is back from the dead I see, lol. And thanks. Many of these themes I have since tweaked to be even better. Some of the above are looking rough to me all these months later.

I too am a lover of the heatmap themes, and not at all the graphic themes, so yeah, although I open the shop every morning, I feel like there hasn’t been anything to buy in quite a while.


Brother, if you only knew all the unposted stuff I have sitting in Figma, lol. Twas an obsession for a minute.


I am in the same boat so I was quite happy to see today’s lineup.


Wow these are all beautiful! I especially love Etheral, your version of Ultraviolet and Cherry Blossom! I did like the graphical themes when they first came out, but I think I’m realizing I miss seeing more really colorful heatmap themes. I’d love to see more of the color combinations you have here.

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And I’m bringing it back from the dead again to say I completely agree with your post. Huge fan of heat map themes and every one you made all that time ago are great. I don’t like the graphical themes at all. They feel like a skin rather than a theme and I prefer the gradients far above anything else. It doesn’t seem like any effort has been put into some fun wild gradient themes in a long time and the closest thing I’ve seen have essentially been solid in color. I know the devs are busy but fingers crossed these type of themes start becoming predominant again. Welcome to Miami, Kokomo, boiling point, dawn, etc etc. those are what Clear is all about to me.


Kind of with you here, I think graphic themes could still be a thing in the future but they may become collectors items for now as we focus on heatmap more again.

We’re doing a significant pass right now on kind of re-minimalizing the app… hopefully in the right ways.

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I’m not against the graphic themes and I’m sure there are people who really like the bit of change up in that regard. I admit I did buy a few but they were the knit versions of Miami, dawn, hillside, Kokomo, and Shangri-la haha! That was pretty cool as they are classics with a twist.

To me though I agree. Heat maps and even some solids are very CLEAR to me and all the varying colors and possibilities are one thing that makes the app so much more than all todo apps in the market. I have so many themes I end up swapping them out throughout the day almost every day. Keeps things fresh and fun lol!

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