TestFlight #7: Personalizable Gestures

Setting one of the homebar gestures to Back is great for being able to drag and drop items from one list into another. I’ve also set two-finger tap to duplicate, but I think I occasionally trigger it when trying to pinch outwards to insert a new item between existing ones. (Edit: I’ve also noticed it happening when pinching to close a list, so potentially any two-finger gesture is liable to trigger it.) I don’t always realize it’s happened in the moment, and then I come back to a list to discover an unwanted copy of something that only needs to happen once.

This could be connected to my difficulty getting the pinch gesture to trigger on the first and second items of a list, specifically. I suspect I tend to put my finger a little too high on the first item, bordering the header with the list name. It would be nice if Clear’s gesture recognition were a little more generous up there—we already have the pull-down gesture to insert an item at the top of the list, so there should be no ambiguity about what I’m trying to do if my finger strays into the header a little.