“Next” feature when adding to list

Not loving this new feature. If I’m adding one item to a list it’s a hassle to hit next and then done. More key strokes. However if I want to add more than one item then the swipe down is faster. Just my two cents.

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We need to onboard it better, but have you tried / are you aware of tapping above the keyboard (just not the item you’re editing) or swiping down above it as ways to dismiss the keyboard as well?


I didn’t realize this was a thing. I was a little curious about the new feature similar to Stacy’s experience. Now, it’s not so bad anymore. Because with repeat entries, it’s definitely a bonus. Now that I can avoid the blank “next” line, I don’t mind it so much.

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Does it mean you would prefer to add new item on top and not below the current edited line?

I’m probably in the minority, but yes that’s what I prefer

I’m in the same minority and wonder wether it is a minority…

I am curious on this one. I realize it’s how it was for like ten years in old Clear but… we do in other situations generally list from top to bottom of a list right? Did we brainwash you two into preferring it backwards due to the old design? :sweat_smile:

This one seems very tied to muscle memory and how things used to be, but could be missing something here.

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Haha yes probably brainwashed but really the next button is really driving me crazy. I realize I can just tap the screen to get rid of it but it just feels like an extra step and ruins the nice flow. I’m really trying to be open minded but this is a big sticking point for me. Thx for listening!

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I agree with you: “normal app”, we fill the list from top to bottom, which is better when the list is structured (like title etc…). Maybe that’s a difference that people made addicted to Clear?
To my opinion, Clear is better than the “normal app” when it enables the insert on top for unstructured list of ideas (and sometimes todos), especially because you see your last thoughts directly on opening the list.