Why are the BEST gestures of old Clear not incorporated in the new one?!

Guys, one of the absolute best features from old Clear was that you could pull down anywhere on the screen while creating items within a list to keep adding new ones in succession. This is THE best way to quickly create a list and keep adding items, how come it isn’t part of new Clear?!

Also, what happened to swiping left while creating a new item to instantly erase text??


Totally, the pull down while creating new items was the best feature of the original Clear! Please bring it back <3

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You can now tap above/below an item with keyboard up to change directions! Give it a try, I find it useful.

Just tried it with all possible edge-case scenarios. You’re right, it’s giving me essentially the same functionality as before so I’m glad about that.

BUT… I don’t see why you can’t also keep the swipe gesture like before? You could have two levels of thresholds > A short pull always means create new item above whereas a long pull means go back to lists.

And what about the erase text with left swipe?


Hey, try what Phill just mentioned. It’s not the worst substitute.

Yes, the tap also works, but I am just so accustomed to the pull down after using Clear for 10 years and I just would really like to keep this gesture. Now swiping down while adding new item just dismisses the keyboard - you cannot go back to the “lists” view directly (you have to pull down again after dismissing the keyboard to achieve that), so I think the old gesture would fit in.

Oh I totally agree, see my reply to Phill.

You should add your opinion in reply to him as well!

I would like to bring back to erase text with left swipe!

If I remember correctly we went with the tap above/below vs. swipe because it didn’t feel like we could also make swipe reliably work either direction (and give you enough space to do it) depending on how tight the row is above keyboard etc.


Please do! And maybe make it a little better this time where if you swipe right again then what you deleted comes back for those moments of hesitation haha

I really miss this one!
Please bring it back!

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The tapping works but I definitely miss the pull down/swipe left to delete. This was one of the first things that popped in my mind when I started using the app.

It’s like copying/pasting - you can do it via the menu bar, right clicking from a drop down, or using keyboard shortcuts. Different people are used to different gestures and I don’t feel like this additional affordance would make the app super clunky.

these are the same two gestures i came to the site to request.

i really liked being able to create new items where i wanted with one hand by starting to edit the one below where i wanted it and then drag down a little. can’t really pinch with one hand.

tried to do what i thought was being described by folks here as the “tap above or below” but i don’t seem to be able to create a new item this way. maybe i’m doing something wrong.

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Hey there used to be a tap below but check the new ‘next’ key on the keyboard. Felt that when you’re rapidly typing it’s easy being right there.

The times you don’t want another item you can tap out or drag keyboard down.


I don’t get it. How do I tap above the item while the keyboard is up? Do I tap the item above the current item I’m typing? Or do I tap the list title? I can’t get it to work.

Definitely miss the swipe down gesture to create new items while keyboard is still up. And definitely miss the swipe left gesture to delete all text.

Tapping anywhere outside the item you are editing or keyboard will exit keyboard/editing that item. The only way to ‘quick add’ a bunch at once is the next key.

It messed with my muscle memory too when we changed it but… I believe the next key is probably more obvious/intuitive to new people and once adjusted efficient for regular use too. (Also it always felt backwards to me how swiping to quick add in Clear adds above the current item, like we usually list from top down on pen paper / other apps right?)

Would be curious if it grows on you say after another week with it or not.

At some point I will think through the left swipe delete one. I just want to make sure it doesn’t box us in from other possible uses of it in the future, or can muddy interactions with the iOS cursor in some contexts.


Hoping gesture customizations comes with a next update so we can control what happens with short/long left and right swipes

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Definitely not quite this soon! However I also think pretty high chance it’s in by the end of the year.

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