Support for todo.tx format

Would love to see todo.txt format supported. A simple sync method would make this a killer app! Each list could have its own todo.txt formatted file. iCloud/Dropbox sync would allow for OS agnostic connectivity.

Thank you for considering

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I was just reading up on it, it’s very clever and cute in its simpleness. Thanks for bringing it up, let me keep it in mind. It would be fantastic if it let users sync and type new lists for Clear from their Mac if this enabled it in a simple way… kind of anticipating it won’t be quite that simple and perfectly aligned but definitely worth looking into.

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Ugh… just realized I spelled “todo.txt” wrong in the heading… :man_facepalming:t2:

There are other options/designates/syntax that allow for recurring tasks, due dates. (However not necessarily part of the todo.txt syntax) Also, It’s easy enough to use @, + for context and projects respectively and/or allow the user to create their own metadata. with <meta>:<NoSpaceAllowedData>.

I believe one of the biggest proponents to supporting the todo.txt format, is mitigating data silo-ing of user-data, where only clear can use it. Therefor, if the need to export it very quickly, or edit it outside of clear, its a trivial process.

Anywhoo, thanks for considering

I signed up just to chat briefly about this.

The advantages to Clear would be that it doesn’t need to bake in any complicated sync or formatting methodology to support this, just an interpreter of the format, and it would immediately have access to a cross-platform list-storage format. The format supports Contexts or Projects to sort lists (e.g. @Groceries) as well as an optional Done.txt add-on. Contexts can be mapped to Lists roots, and individual items in the contexts can be mapped as List items. The done.txt format can be mapped to the Archive format.

The advantages to the end user is that Clear immediately becomes cross-platform. I used Clear 1.0 for many years, and now use because I can rapidly hammer out all my tasks on my computer keyboard, sync the file using Syncthing to my iPhone, then access my list for the next entire week and check things off as I go.

I’d happily pay a stupid price to be able to use the best todo app with the best todo format.

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