Clear 2.1.5 (Event prep, Links preview)

Clear 2.1.5 should be live on the App Store today. (Might take an hour or so to propagate.)

Smaller update:
• Preparation for this weekend shop event
• Stop by starting Friday! Will include freebies.
• Some graphic themes for shop

Coming soon in 2.2:
• List Library
• Links support (web, phone, address, email)

Totally definitely on purpose, 2.1.5 actually includes the ‘upcoming’ basic links support within Clear items, so give that a try and let us know how it feels.


Am curious what 'list library" is?


List Library will be a place where you can browse and grab useful lists for you to use. It will start with some pretty basic/popular lists I think then we’ll add more fun and useful niche ones over time.

The theory with List Library is a lot of people, perhaps most, are kind of unaware of how fun and useful listing can be beyond the standard ‘today’s todos’ or ‘groceries’ or a handful of others. So I’m hoping this gives them some ideas and helps them get started.

I didn’t notice a similar feature in other popular todo apps but I suspect there is something valuable here.


It’s not the most popular todo app, but Twos has a list of suggested lists when creating a new list.


Ah interesting! I might check this out myself curious on their curation. But yeah I think this is kind of analogous to experiences like starting Apple Music and it letting you pick from your favorite artists, or a social app presenting some popular options to follow etc.


With the app now going to recommend even more lists for people to make, there really needs to be a better way to overview everything, like collapsible sections, or separate areas (like the Archive) that you can define/organize yourself. It gets really unwieldy and disorganized the more lists you have just scroll down endlessly to find a specific list you made for a specific purpose.

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We were hoping to improve this in the upcoming 2.2 with Spotlight Search integration for your lists, but unfortunately ran into some very basic bugs with the API… setting up a support ticket with Apple in case they have some workaround ideas or a timeline for fix. Will keep thinking on some angles though.

would those suggested lists be kept separate from my own lists as to not interfere in management of personally curated lists versus app suggestions?

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Yep (unless I’m misunderstanding your question), they would only go into your “My Lists” section if you swipe to add them from the List Library.


I understand that the library of lists will be something like the archive now.



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The links in 2.1.5 seem to work.


  • URLs
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Physical addresses

Are there any other types to try?

My only suggestion is this feature REALLY needs a visual indicator that you’re about to press a link.

Otherwise you can tap a task and take an unintended action which fires you out of the app and into some other app.

I suggest the universal URL underline. But you may want to consider some sort of ‘open in new window’ icon (e.g.


Yeah I think that is likely good polish. Might not be able to get to it in 2.2 but will try to prototype this in 2.2.1. I will note you can do the quick tap/hold to edit instead of tapping open a link, but that’s when you’re like paying attention vs. more mindlessly tapping to edit. (Which I imagine I do a good amount.)

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Yeah, exactly my thinking. I reckon people will forget (or worse, not be aware) that a tap/hold is needed to edit list items with quick link.

That’s why it needs a visual indicator.

Especially important since the action boots you from the app into Safari or whatever. It could be quite disorienting if you’re not expecting that.

Excited to see this in 2.2.1.

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maybe im going off on a tangent, but will we also be able to add/edit list templates to list library?

Im thinking for example, there might be (or not) in the list library be a template ‘holiday packing’ but even if there was, id want to personalise it if there’s things not on it, so a week before i go on holiday, id add that as a list and everything i need to rememeber to pack is there.

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Is there an App List folder or something I am supposed to see?

Will you add clear to share sheet so we can share URLSs directly to it ?

For addresses it opens Google maps, can we change setting to which app we want to open, example Apple Maps ?

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Ya some sort of identifier would be nice

I thought about emoji but I am sure that would not work well with all the different color themes. HaHa

They also do not launch from widget, that might be the intended way

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BD Orange regular and bold fonts appear to still be broken

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I’m in touch with the font author, was going to try separate font files for each weight next. Got swamped with event prep and graphic themes etc. and the first couple things we tried here didn’t work!

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Not initially but I agree being able to add your own or modify them makes sense. I think will make sense to layer this on as we go.

@Anthonyg2879 what do you mean by App List folder? Share sheet will look into at some point, I guess would require at least some simple UI to pick which list to send it to.

The Google Maps question is stumping me right now. It doesn’t appear Apple lets you select a default Maps app like they do with browsers. So it’s actually kind of puzzling it defaults to google vs. Maps even if both is installed lol, given we are using Apple’s language parsing API. Hmmm!