Best Clear alternative App for iphone & mac?

its gonna be at least a year for us to get our to do list synched to our mac. anyone found any other app that does similar job for the time being?

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Microsoft To Do . if you want Todo list to sync between all devices.

i have checked the microsoft, remember the milk and the native apple reminders app. none of them match up the clear app. what i really want is seeing all my lists open side by side on a new desktop window on mac and being able to move a task between the lists

note: phill, im sorry for searching for an alternative app i feel like cheating on you :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s ok! Just hope to get there again eventually and win you back someday.


Not sure if you’ve already ruled it out but Trello can be used to compile side by side columns of tasks, moveable between columns. Definitely not as good as Clear, but thought I’d mention just in case (now I feel like I’m helping you cheat :sweat_smile:)

Trello is one of the few other productivity apps that I actually was impressed by its simple utility when I first saw it many years ago. It’s pretty good as like a mostly web experience. We used it for some time in Clear 2 development for internal team tracking, though eventually shifted over to some simpler checklists in Paper (Dropbox’s version of Google Docs.)

damn trello first seemed to be exactly what i wanted however i realised there is no complete task option!
the apple reminders app adds the new tasks on the bottom which i hate and the microsoft one doesnt have side by side view of the lists on mac

any other suggestion guys?

If I’m interpreting ‘complete task’ correctly, you can insert a checklist into a card on Trello - so you can see 3/5 checked off, etc. if you’ve done all the steps, you’ll see 5/5 - it won’t cross off the card, but you can move it down or into a’Done’ column at that point.

yes, by completing a task i meant to check it off. trello seems a great app but i do require this option

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