Supermarket bonanza glitch

I tried to buy the free font Blueberry but instead I accidentally purchased the item above it, I tried to do it a second time thinking I’m the one who errored and it purchased the next item up, I’ll be requesting a refund for those purchases but I wanted to warn about the bug


Yeah - same for me too.

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Chiming in here to say this happened to me as well.

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Same here too. Bought Fruit Facts by mistake instead of Blueberry font

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Me too! I was just in the store, and I tried to download the free font “Blueberry”. After I swiped it. I was charged 2.99 for “Games to Play”. I made a second attempt, and this time I was charged 2.99 for “Fruit Facts”.

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Just woke up here, will try to fix this asap. If you accidentally purchased something please request a refund from Apple they should definitely process it.

Should’ve seen this coming with those off by one errors before… apologies on the mess will update here when fixed.

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Whole thing was caused by a duplicate Oreo icon I entered by accident last night :tired_face: Should be fixed for today, will try to make sure it never happens again with a more permanent fix.


Posted a link to this thread in the shop, hopefully most people affected will find their way here.

This was a pretty nasty bug. I expect Apple’s process to handle this, but please let me know if you experience any issues getting refunds if you made an accidental purchase this morning, we can try to figure out another way to make it right.


Nawh. See it as sponsoring further development, at least from me.

Keep up the good work.


Genuinely appreciate that! But yeah I want to make sure there’s as few customers with a sour taste in their mouth after this incident as possible. (Might’ve been some newer people or first time ‘customers’ :melting_face:) If anyone is reading this thread and were affected you can also reach out to me on iMessage today at

Also here’s some unlock links we have distributed here or there in one place to unlock some other collectibles if anyone here hadn’t grabbed these yet:

Pastel (Cream) full set unlock

Foundation icon by @novikoff

r/ShowerThoughts quotes pack


“There are two things that are hard in computer science: naming things, cache validation, and off-by-one errors.”


Lol reminds me of a team retreat once where we had 2 beds for 3. I think Kirill wrote a quick dice rolling script instead of doing rock paper scissors on who would split, but it turned out there was an off by one error that screwed over him and Austin. I won thanks to the error, sometimes it taketh, sometimes it giveth.


Great to see such customer service and consideration for those new (and old!) to Clear :+1:

Also, thanks for the Pastel (Cream) link - loving the Mint and Blueberry variants!

Ps your last comment reminded me of this…

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Loved their Villains album from some years ago, very cinematic which tends to push my buttons.

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Thank you for your quick response. I hate reporting bugs because it kinda feels like complaining about an app I’ve enjoyed for over a decade. I can’t wait for the event :tada:

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I really appreciate the bug reports! It just helps us fix things quicker for everyone. We are also definitely due for a bit of a pit stop and more focus and catch up on fixing bugs and polish, probably will do that a bit after 2.2 coming up.

I had the Blueberry bug yesterday too, tried three times, charged three times, Apple denied refund today. The app is great, so I’m not mad about it.

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Oh geez I’m surprised they denied it. (I heard there’s time window but I thought it would be like weeks.)

Can you message me your iTunes account email if in the US? (Same goes for anyone in this same situation.)