Error processing free purchases

Hello :wave:t2:

For some reason I keep getting a processing error when trying to purchase the free items. (UK store)

I can purchase the paid items just fine so I’m
Not sure what’s going on!


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Thanks for posting, hoping someone else might chime in if experiencing similar. To confirm it sounds like you’re experiencing these across different store days/free items, and not just one or two? I will also quickly sanity check the UK IAP setup, though I don’t think we did anything different there.

Update: we did quickly check UK setup and it seems OK… it might be pointing towards something weird on your account set up or on Apple’s end, though it’s still possible too we have an obscure bug to fix. Do you have any other apps you can test some free purchases in?

An hour ago I claimed the free “Womprant” Font, and made a purchase for Vintage icon. Both transactions went successful.

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FWIW, I’m in the UK and all of my free and paid Shop buys have gone fine


@Gaston I think it’s possible this points towards this being more of an Apple support issue… if it is hopefully it isn’t some weird gnarly edgecase to work out. I’ve had a couple weird Apple ID issues in the past myself.

Thanks for checking! I’ll get in touch with Apple and let you know :+1:t2:

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So I tried deleting the app and re-installing it and it still doesn’t work. I also lost my data, is that normal? :thinking: (had done screenshots before deleting so I’m fine)

I also contacted Apple support but other than “reset all network settings”…etc they didn’t have a clear solution.

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Sorry about that, yeah currently Clear stores its data locally… (Though for people with full device iOS backups on I will note those include app local data.)

We should be shipping a basic daily auto backups/restore system for Clear this year, first half I would say.

Screenshot to share’s plain text option can help export data too in the new version. (You can paste plain text lists like that back into new Clear, handy with iCloud copy/paste)

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Ok, I discovered something which might help!

I had already tried signing out of the App Store and immediately resigning in. Then when I tried to purchase the free item it failed.

But just now I tried signing out and then starting the purchase process without having re-signed in…so it prompts me (within the app) to login to the App Store and then magically it works! :tada:

BUT if I then try to purchase another free item it fails again. So right now it looks like I each time need to sign out of the App Store and initiate a free item purchase while logged out for this to work.

Really weird. Maybe that gives you a clue if there’s an issue on your side? :thinking:

I’m still open to the slight possibility there could be a bug for us to fix, but I gotta say all the purchase systems are very locked down and handled by Apple, so this if anything points more towards something on their end…

Were you able to try testing free purchases in any other apps?

No I don’t know of any that have this. Do you have one in mind I could try?

Having the same issue with UK store. All good with paid themes!

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Hmm! Will keep an eye on this thread, I’m curious if we can gather a few more people and determine if there are any other patterns involved here.

Hey! First, thanks for this amazing app!

I tried to get a free font, Croissant One, and it charged me anyways even when it shows in the app that is for free :thinking: I’m using the app in Colombia

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So the way free fonts are distributed, they are done via free IAP which I think might’ve confused you, it’s probably not too common in other apps. However the price should show up as Free and not actually charge you any amount. (Maybe you can double check your App Store past purchases history to confirm.)

We did it this way because we added custom fonts later in beta, and then realized a little too late that we didn’t have a great way to distribute them. (There’s a ton! And many niche ones some people will love but most will not care for, or want cluttering their collection.) So threw them into the store, but priced as free. Will probably clean this up later so it doesn’t go through the IAP system.

Oh, I have my bank notifications synched to my phone so I do receive a message via SMS to every single transaction (and refunds also) that happen with all my cards and bank account. I could share with you the purchase alert they sent me, but it is in spanish —because, well, colombian bank— . I’m not trying to be cheap, (promise, I do love the app and yesterday I already purchased a little something too), and I don’t mind this payment by an error this time, but I woudn’t want to be charged when I’m trying to grab free goodies in the future too :woman_shrugging:t4:

Can you verify for me via Settings app:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name, then tap Media & Purchases.
  3. Tap View Account. You might be asked to sign in.
  4. Tap Purchase History.

You may need to change the filter there to include free IAP. Does Croissant show there as 0.00 or was it accidentally sold to you? Let me know. I believe there are a handful of markets where one of our teammates is experimenting with lower tier regional pricing and it’s possible there was a hand made mistake there if this is the case.

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I just verified, and it seems like it was a very confusing weird late invoice notifications from my yesterday purchase from both my bank and also Apple. In the purchase history, the free item wasn’t registered, just the theme I got, and all invoices in my email match with this information.

The instructions for the purchase history were very helpful! Thank you! :smiley:

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Good to hear! Thank you for verifying and reporting back.

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