One-time purchase solutions for Themes and Icons

good morning, I understand the nature of the Clear shop and the idea of collecting, but was a “one time” solution for purchases ever taken into consideration? For example, a complete unlock of all the rewards present in the Gift or Rewards section at full price? There are those like me who would also be willing to do something similar rather than sit there waiting for themes to unlock based on game-style actions as for me Clear is a work application that I use every day and would be very convenient for me . Thank you


I’m seconding this. I want my Clear app set up just how I had it on the beta. I’m very disinterested in waiting for loot drops (I think this is what gamers call them?)

Configured to my liking, the app is perfect to me, but with different theme/font/icon/quote -settings- sorry, complications, I might as well use something else.

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Looks interesting to think about it that way. We’ll deliberate this internally to figure out a potential plan.

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I second this as well. Love the app, and use it routinely (and have for years), but don’t want to wait for Easter eggs or use-based feature drops that I may or may not like. Also, I’m not the greatest fan of the updated visuals (the features, though, are great).